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I really can't breath

Hi,I am sitting in hospital and just read a really great post. I just had to add to it or tell my story.i came in er could not breath and sinus infection. Admitted antibiotic and large dose steroids. I am diabetic so blood sugars when up as did doses of insulin. They say lungs are clearing however I still feel short of breath what is going on

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Hi coughcity, I am sorry that you are suffering from breathlessness and in hospital.

Hopefully the medication will ease your breathing long have you been taking the steroids?

Have you got an underlying health problem apart from the diabetes.

Sorry to ask the questions, but it may help others here to help you later.

Are you able to practice gentle breathing at the moment ...that can help calm you down and ease breathlessness.

Best wishes, and hopefully the treatment will help today. Take care.


Get well soon, CoughCity.


Hi Coughcity a very warm welcome to our community. You will find it friendly, informative and sometimes humorous.

You will find lots of really great posts here that will hopefully help you on your journey with us and enhance your life for the better. By sharing your story/experiences, you not only help yourself but others as well. That's what the forum is all about, helping each other.

I am sorry to hear that you are in hospital with a lung infection But you are in the best place to get you well again. Hopefully the antibiotics and steroids will make you feel better soon.

Take care.



Hello Coughcity, and a warm welcome from me. Obviously you are in a good place, but here also is good. Lots of us to talk to, lots of members with extensive knowledge about everything to do with lungs, who will be happy to help you with any questions or even if you just want to chat. I believe there is a Diabetes section too.

I hope whatever medication you are on will help you get your breathing back on even keel. Sincerely wishing you all the very best.



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