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funny symptoms

In august I took with servere pain in my right shoulder and right front ribs went to doc who after exam said it was prob a pulled muscle and I was given cocodamol which didn't help much .I was shopping a couple of weeks ago when it started again by two days I was in agony went to out of hours doc who told me it was pleurisy and gave me antibiotics .went to my own doc Monday who just said carry on with antibiotics wasn't happy and demanded xray .My xray showed a mild phneumonia in the bottom of right lung the funny thing is my temp and obs were ok ? I didn't feel great has I have servere copd but I didn't feel ill with fever weird .Im only on cocodamol no steroids and antibiotics 2 courses the pain is better but will it ever go ?

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Ps also they said I could go about my normal routine didn't recommend bed rest

Reply hi shadow, not sure but after reading the link it might be walking pneumonia,, no abs r steds needed, an it says as well might b gall stones but them are painfull in its self you would no if it was, me im no expert none of us on HU are ,, just see how u go the nx week r 2 eh any well not beter go back n see your doc eh, and just rest up but keep active at same time eh, with gall stones u cant eat really ur throwing up food water out really n then bile at the last vomit have you been like that, if not no gall stones shadow, see eh nx 2 weeks how u go eh,,


Hi Poppy58, this kind of thing has happened to me a couple of times where I've not been aware I've been walking around with an infection of some kind. It's usually been an xray or a scan related to something else that's shown it lurking and then I've been given course of abs etc. I haven't had temps or sputum changing colour or anything - perhaps coughing more but with having copd and asthma it's sometimes hard for me to know what is what lol :). Hope you feel better soon x

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Yep you sound like me its getting that way I dont know if it is the copd or infection x


Ive had "strained muscle"for 18mnths now and was given cocodamol-these seem to make my head spin so I take paracetomol when the pain is severe.Ive had 3 or 4 "bouts"of psuodomonas in the last 18mnths which has added to the pain,I feel that at times we are just fobbed off and that we are wasting our time expecting our GPs to solve our "problem". It seems to me we have to get "used" to all the pain associated with our condition.Hope you feel better soon.take care.x

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Hi shadow

I was tempted not to reply to your post because I don't know if my information will help🙄

Anyway , I do know that pain in your shoulder could be referred pain... By that I mean that with some conditions ,some abdominal ,cause shoulder pain but the problem can be in the abdomen for example gall stones or other problems. Do you have any digestive type symptoms?

Also it's all to easy for health care professionals to focus on your copd and forget you could actually have a problem totally unrelated to your lung problem


Dear Shadow4me

I had similar a few times several years ago I'm glad I haven't had it for ages

When I first had your symptoms I thought I was having a heart attack!!!!! I got myself to the local A and E at the time They kept me in overnight and said I hadn't had a heart attack but didn't know what was causing my pain They sent me home with various pills that made me vomit I saw my Specialist very soon afterwards and he said I had Costochondritis

It sounds so like my symptoms that I think you may have Costochondritis too which is a painful condition of the chest wall. It is caused by inflammation in the joints between the cartilages that join the ribs to the breastbone (sternum). Although painful, it is not a serious condition. Usually it has no obvious cause and settles over time. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication can be used for relief of symptoms. I had was given anti-inflammatory medicine and painkillers and it went away quite soon

He said the pain I felt in my shoulder was 'referred pain' ('referred pain' is pain felt in a part of the body other than its actual source.)

I hope this has been a help If you don't have Costochondritis, at least it can be investigated and cancelled from the possibilities

I hope you feel better very, very soon I know how painful it can be!!!!

Very best to you


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