Can anyone tell me how I add a photo by my name Ef0lumps4 think it's nice to be able to see the people you are chatting to so thought to add my mug shot but not sure how. I managed to add a photo a couple of weeks ago of a patch of my garden as I can see on this page a slot below to add photo. I went into edit profile but couldn't see a photo slot, just being abit thick maybe I don't always read the obvious. Tips would help please X

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  • Click on to the list of options under your username and click profile.....Then on the right hand side click on edit profile and its plane sailing

  • Thanks Mandy I did try in edit profile but maybe using an iPad it's different I don't know, not to worry I am sure the forum can survive without my mug shot 😁 X

  • Hi

    Adding or changing you avatar or banner image can only be done on a computer.

  • Hi Stone

    Thanks for your reply I am using my iPad I did try What Mandy suggested but still could not see anywhere that could allow me to add a photo is the format different on an iPad ?

  • Hi

    Afraid so, they redesigned the format to make more usable on smartphones and tablets, but you need a computer to get its full potential.

  • Thanks just followed your link and read the footnote, I don't use the computer often I leave it to my other half otherwise we step on each other's toes 😬too often happy with my iPhone and iPad 😄

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