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Great News : Human Cell Atlas Project

Great News : Human Cell Atlas Project

Well about time too .. Defo get a bit long in the tooth for all this illness diseased business.

Well The Atlas Project is going to and aims to map the human body's 35 trillion cells.


Aiming to decipher the types and properties of every cell, the project will attempt to work out exactly what we are made from and how illness develops with aim of developing cure's aiding medical science and the understanding.

Well am all for that as i know few gp's doctors could do with developing there understanding of diseases.

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Fascinating but I can't visualise such a large number. I think in time it will be achieved & it will lead to new medical techniques. In the mean time, I am sticking to what my mum told me I was made of. Sugar & spice & all things nice... she would not have fibbed about a thing like that or would she ? X


Hi Jeff, I have just watched the Horizon programme, The Lost Tribes of Humanity. At the end it described how the remnants of Neanderthal genes in Northern Europeans may effect our immune response.

Amazing work that these scientists do.


It's moving forward and most likely would have been through and approved for those of us like myself who suffer from genetic inherited condtions like A1AD Lung, Liver ..the problem we are facing and have faced too long is the Church and Religion stops progress..its very sorry this and most of us unfortunate to have wonky genes would have most likely had a cure by now...and they talk about God? A lot to answer for in my book....we have to progress and embro is just that ...its a bouncing stem cell full of life and cure... personally it cannot happen quick enough for folk like me that have been suffering too long...way to long.

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I read yesterday in my health talk magazine that dandelion root tea is one thing that so far has great results with cancer cells. Lord would that not be awesome for all those that have cancer. Science is amazing I praise those fighting to understand all our diseases.


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