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Hi all

Hi folks

Hope you're all well as can be expected.

I've been to the respiratory clinic today. I haven't got my fev readings yet they will post a report out to me. However they said my lung age 76. I'm only 48. I've been prescribed formoterol fumarate and cetirizine, I'm already taking monteleukast and salbutamol. I guess it's OK to combine these. Hoping it works naturally. My concern is the interactions with levothyroxine for my thyroid and citalopram antidepressant. Not just that I'm going to rattle but the instruction leaflets puts some of them as warnings. How bad would it be...does anyone know, who has been in these medications together? Glad of any advice.

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Hi. Just wanted to say hello so you know there's someone out there! I don't know about these medicines - it sounds like quite a mixture - I hope they help. Probably you'll get a knowledgeable reply soon. 😁 xpiggix


Hi Lauren,nice to see you again. I'm afraid I'm not going to be of any help to you as I'm not familiar with your med combination.

If you've got doubts about interactions with the drugs, I would advise you to call your GP & ask about them.

Hope someone can help you. Take care & come back & tell us how you get on 🌸


Hi. The best person to ask is your local pharmacist, who usually knows much more about drugs than the average GP (or consultant, for that matter). There's a drug interactions checker on this site You just type in the names of your drugs and it lists the interactions and tells you whether they're "major, moderate or minor". Bear in mind that many drugs interact with 100s of others, but usually the interaction isn't significant, and your dr will have taken it into account anyway. From memory, I think there's an interaction between salbutamol and citalopram (I take both those) but it's a rare one & only applies to people with a particular heart condition. Anyway, look them up, & if you're concerned ask the pharmacist. Good luck :)


Wishing you the Best! I'm 48 with 89yr old actually you are younger than me😉Talk to your pharmacist, they will help you get answers.


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