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Hi interested in peoples opinions am I being too sensative or am I being victamised because of my health? I have worked for a agency since Feburary and never had a sick day until last night.I usually work min 3 night shifts a week but for a 6 weeks been coverig exta due to sickness holidays. Well yested I had over done things and spent 3 hours shopping then Iwas o fatgid struggeled to get out of th car had a hr est hen helped to move my sons bedroom contents downstairs (he was moving out) tha was me done too much so phoned work to get my night shift covered. To be told they do not want me back without a letter from the doctor to say i am fit to work? I cover for people all the time due to sickness and they dont need a letter !

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  • MelAidJack hi and yes I definitely think your being picked have you got a union or someone who represents the workers don't let them get you down try not to do so much try spacing what you do I'm on a pumolary rehab course and they tell you to slow down there's always tomorrow take care hope you get it sorted .

  • Thank you I have never been off sick but always covering everyone else sick. I need my job i am a single parent with no other means of income so was realy worried when they said that to me x

  • I think their covering their backs please don't worry about it best wishes x

  • That's definitely not right MelAidjack so do try and speak to someone about it.

    Take care xxxx

  • I am in the union but dont want to cause any issues but realy not happy x

  • I am in the same boat..having to work and keep an invalid husband,(plus being expected to work sickness cover for 'healthy sods!) we recently had bullying of another colleague here and I stepped in..it really is better to nip it in the bud, even though it is like stepping off a cliff...protocol must be recharged in their minds sometimes..

  • So wrong on many fronts! Titchy is right. There must be someone you can contact - the Company cannot do that to you - it sounds like victimisation. Also - you are doing an awful lot. Try to cut it down and pace yourself. Maybe your family could help cut your workload down at home?

    Let us know how you get on?


  • I have appointment with doctor Thursday morning to ask for a letter? to confirm i am fit to work? but that means i will have no wages for this week I think its time to look for another job so unhappy with office I love my job too

  • Don't know if this will help:-



  • Thank you x

  • Hi, do you work for an agency on zero hours contract....I know that can make things difficult sometimes

  • Yes so dont think i have any rights x

  • Hi again, my daughter had a similar contract and she was reliant on the agency ringing her for work.

    Can you contact the agency and tell them you will get a doctors note .

    Can you contact the Citizens Advice Bureaux ,without telling the agency, and ask what your rights are. There would be no need to give the agency name either to them. I think some firms after a while may take on zero hours agency workers onto their payroll. If you like the job maybe that could happen.

    I used to be on a one day contract and I know how difficult it is to be dependent on good will to keep your job and earn a wage.

  • I have just looked at the Citizens Advice website.......tap in ' check if your'e entitled to sick pay' and the site will give you some information.

    Trouble is its so difficult when you are dependent on the agency for a living.

  • Thank you knitter advice centre is open for drop ins on Wedneday so will go over for advice I am not ready to give up work yet still feel like i have work left in me just need to slow down on my lifestyle hopefully i will get sick pay xx

  • Best of luck, I know how difficult things can be.

    You need to know exactly where you stand.....might it be a good idea to write a list of questions you would like to ask at the Advice Centre tomorrow. It's a bit like being at the doctors , I remember something after I have left the surgery.

    Take care.

  • You don't need anything from doctor until you have been off 7 consecutive days.

  • I am feeling annoyed being made to be off work when i am able to go Monday night i was not able but a good rest i am now able but cant go in until i get a lettee from gp bit confusing cause others dont hàve ro get a letter?

  • Are the others agency workers or employed direct by the firm......I think the rules are different for zero hours .

  • All are agency staff even office staff its a nursing agency only difference is length of time the others have worked for them x

  • Hi, sorry for the late reply.

    Zero hours contracts are currently legal (in spite of what we think about them). This makes you an employee and therefore entitled to sick pay (SSP). Whilst they are covering themselves, they COULD argue that they are being a "caring employer".

    I work for an agency (employed by them) and we have always refused to use zero hour or other "questionable" scams.

    By choice I'd suggest looking for other work if you can - not all agencies are as bad

    Best wishes

  • Hello there MelAidJack . I do not know a single person (and I have known many) who have NEVER ever taken a sick day off work so considering your impeccable track record I am disgusted. Threaten legal action . They wouldn't have a leg to stand on! Hmmmph! The nerve.

    A big hug to you.

    Cas xx 🌹

  • Have you asked your office why you need a fit to work letter? In my experience, these letters were only asked for when someone had been off work for a considerable time and often with a problem such as depression. I don't think an employer is entitled to request a letter after just one day as this comes within the 'self-certification' procedures.

    Good luck,


  • The doctor is unlikely to give you a letter without charging for it.

    When I was a Union Rep I used to tell people to support their Union but got laughed at and called Mrs Scargill. It was a closed shop and everyone was sitting pretty with high wages and perks.

    They aren't laughing now having lost so many of the rights many workers suffered for. Greed killed the Unions.

  • You are doing too much. Must slow down a bit or you won't be able for work. Let your son do his own carrying! It is always traumatic when a son moves out and that won't be helping. Been there and took it hard!


  • Hi just a update. I went to GPs Thursday morning and got a return to work .GP couldnt work out why I would need one either but gave me it anyway. I aplied for holiday pay I had accumilated so should end up with some money to live on. I am back to work now. I have found out though that I could have put in for sickness and been paid statutory sickness but opted to apply for holiday money owed x thanks for all the advice x

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