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Chest clinic

Hi since hubby's copd got so bad we have appointments at chest clinic it's his first time can anyone tell us what does this involve do they do chest x-ray or other tests he has not been checked by anyone since coming out of icu in Feb. I'm hoping they can try him on some different inhalers or at least advise us why he is having lots of different is good to confide in people like you who all can help each other , thank you x

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Hi, me 1953. I had my first visit a couple of weeks ago and I must say that I found it very reassuring. I had already had a chest x ray done but had to have a physical examination and a spirometry test, then plenty chatting with the doctor who is referring me for pulmonary rehabilitation. Just a thought, I would have found it easier if I'd made a list of questions before I went. Good luck. XXX

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