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Diagnosed with Emphysema

Hi everyone. After being diagnosed with COPD 7 years ago, and having an annual spirometry test at my Group Practice, I had my first appointment with a Consultant yesterday . He was a lovely man and was somewhat surprised that I hadn't been referred before, but in all honesty I've never really had much in the way of symptoms until fairly recently, when I started with short and very random episodes of SOB. I, unfortunately, made the mistake of burying my head in the sand and continued to smoke. I now realise how important it is, but I don't think it's going to be easy. Infact I know it most certainly won't be, after 50 years of the dreaded habit! The consultant was very patient and explained everything in great detail, showing me the x ray of my over inflated lungs and my flattened (left side only) diaphragm! It would appear that the stable figure of 72 that my surgery were so happy with, year on year, isn't the important one! Having said that, the consultant was very upbeat and said that I'm one of the lucky ones and he's confident that he can get my number over the 50 mark? I was a little overwhelmed, and didn't take everything in, but he's referring me for pulmonary rehabilitation , which I find a little daunting (more due to the fibromyalgia and upper body arthritis than anything!). However, I'm a glass half full sort of person, and I won't let this beat me. Sorry for the rant, but I'd be grateful for any advice on pulmonary rehabilitation. Thank you for listening.

Stay well.

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Well it's good that you have been referred to a consultant Pam, and hopefully he can help you. Is your lung function 72%? Do you know what stage you are at?

As far as smoking goes there is a 'Quit' site on here which is well used and they are very good.

PR is a course over 10-12 weeks and normally lasts for around 2 hours. On mine they had exercise for 45 mins specially tailored for lung problems. We had a physical exercise expert who makes sure you don't over or underdo it. You will only have to work to your capacity and no one is going to make you do any more.

There was also a respiratory trained nurse who hosted and gave us talks about lungs etc. She also answered any questions we had. Most times there was also a psychologist who also gave talks too on the psychological aspects.

I found it very helpful and many others have too. x


Hi, and many thanks for your reply. It's very reassuring and helpful. Not sure about the figures, one was 72 and one was 47 but I was a bit stressed out by then. He didn't mention stages.

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I promise you will not only enjoy PR but the benefits for you will be enormous. So - enjoy your sessions:-)

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Thank you Jennifer. As long as it's going to be of benefit, then I'll give it my all. I love walking, usually accompanied by my two dogs, but over recent years I found the gym increasingly boring! At least this will be structured and I'll have something to aim for, but I won't pretend that I'm not a little apprehensive. 😊

Hello and welcome Pam

Thank you. I hope you are well. I'm so pleased that I joined the group. Getting some great advice and tips and don't feel quite so isolated. Nice to talk to people who understand.

Take care.

Hi Pam I was diagnosed with COPD several years ago but I just thought it meant reoccurring bronchitis. I had no idea I was well on my way to being diagnosed with emphazema ( which I was in May). I also, have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis which make it hard to excercise. The pain is intense. So odd because I in high school I ran cross country and continued the love of being outside walking miles at times till 2004. I have found a couple things out that might help. Tightening up you stomach muscles helps not only my breathing but also my ability to move with less pain. I am using a Simply Fit board for my legs, waistline and arms. I can go at my own pace and do it while the news is on. I smoke since I was 13 now 55 I have tried everything to quit even paid twice to be hipnotised to no avail. Am on Chantix ( which I know is a horrible drug) but I need it to work. The patches along with Welibutrin is the best way if you can make it work outside of cold turkey. Best of luck to you.

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Hi Lilac. Our stories are so similar! I'll definitely look into the Simply Fit board, and thank you so much for your advice and words of encouragement. Need to give it my best shot, just need to sort my head out first!

Take care.

I use an e cig. it worked for me :)

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I've got one, but it makes me cough. Might have to try a milder liquid. Been smoking cigarettes all these years and never had a cough, try something much better for me and my lungs object! I will persevere with it. 😊

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