Should I sell my three story townhouse

One more thing-I am single and live by myself in a 3 story townhouse that I am finding harder and harder to get up and down in. My bedroom is on the top level kitchen on main level along with living room. But laundry is in the basement. I used to fly up and down the step but now can barely slow climb them. Should I sell it or keep it for the exercise value of it? What do you guys think knowing where my health is and where it might be headed. In case you don't know I have mild / moderate Emphazema. I would love your thought on this. I keep going back and forth

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If you can manage for now Lilac then keep your house and maybe sell it in the future. See hie you feel. Take care. Xxx

See how things go after a year or so. It is good exercise after all. Maybe a two storey house would be better preferably with a lavatory and shower room downstairs with the option of making a bedroom downstairs too. We are thinking of the same thing but the expense of moving and actually just the thought of moving from our lovely place is making us re-think.

Hi Lilac if you are mild/moderate then I am surprised you find it so hard now. What's your lung function do you know? Mine is 74% and while I don't fly up stairs any more I can climb them much better than just 'slow climbing'. Do you have any other health issues which affect you?

At your level you might not get much worse if at all, so if you can still manage and it's not becoming a big issue, I would stay there if you are happy and maybe think about moving in the future. There comes a time for most of us when disability and age catch up with us and downsizing is a good option then. x

That is what my doctor said and why he is sending me to see a heart specialist . All I know is I am out of breath after going up just 12 steps. I am a little over weight but was at this same weight when I was flying up the stairs so not sure what is going on.

I know the kind of layout your talking about...and i would be thinking of moving before I was under to much pressure to have to...

there's no way of knowing if and when my condition will am having a bedroom with wet room built-in on the ground floor...

I might not ever use/need it but I have learnt from experience it far best to prepare for the further while you can.

people have a way of finding out when someone has a need to sell...

take care.


Thank you

This is excellent advice too Andy.


Lilac22407 ho lilac

I would go with sailers advice and plan ahead


Thank you Jimmy.

I made the decision 2 1/2 years ago that living in a 3 bedroom house was getting very hard to manage. And decided to downsize to a 2 bedroom flat. Not regretted it at all! Live on ground floor so NO stairs to worry about. I had blacked out a couple of times due to severe breathlessness and exhaustion. So stairs were a significant worry. Still have a garden but I don't have to worry about looking after it. Still grew some tomatoes this year though.

I didn't want to wait until / if I was too unwell to move and then be trapped in my home. Having said that there are always options such as stair lifts but for me moving was the better option. My home bills are smaller too!

I am so happy for you I am kinda leaning that way. Trying to get my home up to snub so if I do decide to I is market ready.

moved from 3 bed house to I bed bungalow in February ,

no more climbing stairs heaven.

Joni I am considering it -thanks for your response

Only you know how you feel but if it was me, I would move . If it is tiring for you now best to move while you can & then conserve your energy for pursuits you want to do. X

Good advice -thanks

I would definitely move to a bungalow, If you can afford 2 bedrooms I would go for that. It wouldn't be so hard downsizing then. There is also the fact the you would be fit enough to arrange your bungalow the way you want it.

Thank you-most of you are saying what I was leaning towards. I told myself while raising my children that I would open me a little shop and and fill it with pieces I made. I still want to do that and this disease has made me really take a good look at my life. I thank you all for your responses and God Bless you all.

Market is picking up in some areas,was thinking the same myself,decided that the area I live in (small town)I would miss so neighbours are brilliant..feel safe...plenty of green areas..beach 2 miles away by the time I took all this into consideration...I'll stay and enjoy my storied house.

Don't know where you live but if you've got this sort of living think outside the bubble.

Whatever you do I hope it's the right decision for you.

Take Care ☺

Thank you for giving me thought to ponder.

Hi there Lilac, I would sell the town house, buy a ground floor flat and with the proceeds hit the town every night spending some of the profit on the sale. After a good drink every night you might find someone who will be a future partner with lots of money who will buy you a new town house with a lift in situ thereby getting back to the status quo.

Thank you-That is a thought

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