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Disgrace YET wont take s##% of junkies or deny Drinkers

NHS hospitals to cut costs by denying surgery to smokers and the obese.

I would not mined if it effected drinkers and junkies BUT it don't.

Guess all wait for lung doctor to tell me OR i will tell him.


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Reading through the link Jeff, I think it's not as bad as it first appears.

For starters it refers to 'elective' surgery as opposed to life-saving surgery and mentions specifically that it wouldn't apply to cancer surgery.

I've seen a few documentaries on this topic and the consultant interviewed was adamant the Bariatric surgery would actually save money for the NHS in terms of the money that would be needed to pay for all the medical care needed for the care of so many obese people in the UK.

But I think it's always been standard practice to make people lose weight before surgery, for reasons of their own safety.

Apparently some people now think they can just have Bariatric surgery, and lose all their weight without having to make any effort themselves. IMO, it's a reasonable decision to look for a patient's commitment to her/his health by asking them to lose a stone/ stop smoking or drinking or anything else that's endangering their lives. And if this happens, there should be advice and support from the NHS to help people achieve their goals.


In lung disease this loads of elective proceeders from lvrs to coils.

As we have seen when things are left for emergency the outcomes are never good.

Wish it was like you have described but am afraid its not.

As to me i dont have problem telling my lung doctors how its going to be AND don't always go in my favour but its not there life the F##%#% with its mine.

Its the discrimination that gets me SO open with it YET thats what government we elect is not supposed to be about.


hi Jeff ..I didn't read the link..

I don't know to much on people who are obese..only that with the exception of a few who have medical problems. .they eat far to much...and of the wrong things....there's no end of the health problems that comes with it.....as sad as it is..there has to be a line drawn on what you can do to help them before they are forced to help themselves. ..

there a line drawn on at what age children can get free education ...or they stay in there untill they can claim a pension.

what about the smokers who continue to smoke ...who are sick from smoking and still expect free treatment from the nhs....what does it take to stop smoking..

go to the doc/specialist/A & E get medication to help you breath and go for a smoke..

I don't know if it's the government that's mad Jeff.

maybe its just a mad mad world 😕


Could say that about drinkers junkies even those go for walks up hills even those that had trip or a slip.

The hypocrisy of em and my lung doctor wonders why agitated.

Sadly think is bad mad world or country.


am sure they will get round to them eventually Jeff.

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I didn't còment on junkies as I know nothing about them.....but as for drinkers...don't you think it's fair that when they course damage or injury to themselves or others they should be forced to pay for it...

I don't think the A&E was set up for the likes of these guys to to be treated for free..

I want it all...i want it free...and I want it now.

time to get up now Jeff...I have A lot of work to do.

"Clare Marx, president of the Royal College of Surgeons, condemned the decision to bar obese patients and smokers from routine surgery.

“This policy from Vale of York is among the most severe the modern NHS has ever seen,” she said.

“Leaving patients waiting in pain for treatment longer than is clinically necessary cannot be accepted. In the last month alone, the Royal College of Surgeons has learnt of at least three clinical commissioning groups that are planning to introduce policies that deny or delay patients’ access to surgery as a means to cut spending.

“At this rate we may see brutal service reductions becoming the norm, rather than just being exceptions.” "



Lucky am under area locals would not ware such nonsense.

Well i know i would not BUT is good people are speaking out .

The posts i have read when members try get gp appointment EVEN in emergency and the have to wait days even week's is that how hospital going when you need out doing

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Hi Jeff,

I'm with you on this one and struggle to understand why anyone would think it was even close to being acceptable!

Smokers and overweight people have ALL paid extra taxes so I don't see a "something for nothing" argument. (different for drug takers as they don't pay taxes for their habit).

In 10 years the number of managers in the NHS increased by 1% ... doesn't sound much until you look at 1% of the NHS budget of £9.8 billion being used for nothing to do with clinical treatments!! If money needs saving then maybe 1% of the management costs could cover an awful lot of treatments!

I'm sure the motto for the NHS was "Free at the point of delivery" with no caveat of "provided you don't smoke, drink, drive, are obese, have genetic issues etc. etc"

How does this policy treat parents who, knowing a child will be born with medical conditions, still go ahead with the pregnancy? Might sound extreme but looking at government & quango decisions recently I no longer think it's out of the realms of possibility!

The ONLY limitation should be that the NHS is open to people (legally) IN or from the UK are entitled ... all others should pay (either directly or via their government).

Time to put the soapbox away and get my breakfast!

Have a good day


Do you know they were talking about this back in 1982 and not a lot happened. Maybe something will this time - I don't know. However, I would wish to see all the overweight and yes, obese nurses and Doctors lose weight and those who smoke stop smoking too. They know the risks and see people suffer every day and yet continue to over eat or smoke. At the moment there are no overweight Docs or nurses st my surgery but there is a nurse at the local hospital who can barely get through a normal sized doorway and has to go sideways, and I just love seeing all the smokers out in the internal quadrangle smoking too. I know they are human but it makes me giggle a bit to see it.

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