Last week had to go to see a hart spec tryed. To do a few exam on me until he ask me to lay down on the bed flat so he can hear my chest but i told him i can not lay flat at all so or i go to have xrays and a breathing test in a both and on a bed that went up on one side and i was able to lay on my side then of to have blood test and back to the doc then he tells me it is not only the copd but it is the muscler disorder i have is around my hart and lungs as well so now i have to go back and see him and i have to pick tablets of my gp before i go back to him for more tests

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  • If your breathing go's funny when lay flat i would regard it as medical emergency.

    Cant say i have ever heard of that but do know heart is in sack full of fluid

  • If i lay flat on my back it is a very big no no as can not breath at all so got to lay on side with at lest 5 pillows under my head

  • Guess it all depends whats going on and if your obese.

    I would ask you doc straight is there problem with heart the not telling you

  • Wish i could help but don't really understand what you are saying.

    Are you saying there is a problem with your heart?

  • So what the consulten is saying as i have to take 2 pumps 2things in ventiling machine and now 2 lots of tables plus my tables for my muscula disorder

  • At least it sounds like the consultant is trying to do the best for you, david12.

  • Hope you get all the help you need David and thinking of you. Xxx

  • Hello david, it must be horrid to have these symptoms and not really understand what the problem is. I hope the new tablets help you and that the tests you have to have help the consultant to get to the bottom of it.

    Feel better soon.

    Sue x

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