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Morning my husband suffers from copd/ asthma and has bronchitisis large holes in his lungs. He has been coughing up small amounts of blood everyday for 5months now, he is such a shubern man, he works abroad at times for long periods, and smokes have nagged him for years but I can do no more, just so worried about the blood now, he's only 56, I worry more about hid illness than he does, we attend the hospital, he also gets boils under one of his armpits. Thanks for reading.

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Good morning, Lesley24. I'm so sorry to read about your husband. My previous husband also continued to smoke after diagnosis of COPD and asthma, and so I know you are right to be concerned - Bob died of heart failure at 73, caused by continually pushing through his illness instead of learning to live with it. Sometimes nagging can be counter-productive. Your husband needs to be convinced himself of the damage he is doing. Would he look at some of the posts on here with you? Or could you join a local Breathe Easy group and meet someone there who would be willing to talk to him about their own health journey and regrets? Your husband may be more convinced by someone's first hand experience than your own loving concern.


With the greatest of respect Lesley24 , your husband sounds like a very stubborn man! I was too until one day I came to realise that I just couldn't push through it anymore.

Please, if you can, get your husband to read through this with you and go see his GP. It could be something as simple as a chest infection, or as serious as cancer. Either way, it needs treating.

Good luck x


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