Oxygen concentrator suitable for airplanes

Hi I wanted to see if there was any doners or anyone selling a oxygen concentrator as My dad needs one to travel for the end of the month, if anyone can help me find a economic oxygen concentrator that can be used on a airplane for about 12 hours please get back to me as soon as possible. it would be very appreciated as we it's essential for him.

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  • Thank you

  • I think you will find no concentrator will give you 12 hours,only if you have several batteries,it is better to book airline oxygen,all airlines have different requirements,some charge others do not.I am of to the states next week with Thomsons,needed letters from consultant,fit to fly,I am taking my own POC but not for use on the plane. Any batteries would need to cover 150% of the journey time,u would still need letters for using your own POC.Its one big headache travelling with oxygen.Sooki

  • Just a thought if you are thinking of buying a portable oxygen concentrator. Some of them only give pulsed oxygen when you breath in, not continuous. If your father needs oxygen when sleeping you may need to buy a concentrator that gives continuous oxygen as well (most probably 2 or 3 litres a minute.)

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