Now I know

that I might be opening a can of worms here. it seems that not everyone has the same TV viewing preferences. In other words "don't mention the war " sorry i mean the olympics.

But seriously if you think a programme is worth watching or recording why not say so.

Well here goes, I think that the Military Tattoo in Edinburgh BBC1 at 1900 hrs will be worth a watch.


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I agree Gus.

Totally agree there gus and will be watching. Xxxxx

A programme I am looking forward to is tonight on BBC 4 at 8 o'clock. Its All Aboard the Country Bus.I Don't get out much, and it will be a virtual trip around the countryside. Who will be coming with me? Iris x

I will for a start, Lyd. I used to enjoy my breaks in the UK even more than going abroad (strange me!) They may arrange a pub lunch for us!!

Now that's something to look forward to! Now what shall I wear?

I think more people will be holidaying in Britain at least in the near future.

The pound sterling is not very healthy at the moment.

Good news for the landladies in the B&B's though.


I love Cornwall the air is brill for breathing Crantock Beach a must gorgeous .

I am recording it. I think it will be good


sorry, I mean the country bus.


I just made a note of that one on the TV guide Iris. Really looking forward to it as I love anything set in Yorkshire.

God's own country but I am biased as I live there!

@Lyd 12, Save the seat next to yours, I am coming too.W as reading about this yesterday, it sounds really good and will take me out of these four walls for a while. Will bring the Pick and Mix. okay? Polly x

It will make a change from the common murder and mayhem there is so much o f on the TV. Ah, pick and mix. Now don't suppose there would be any raspberry ruffles, used to like those. Anything that's easy on the teeth!

I have so enjoyed the "silent " series. Hope we can still find them on catch-up. Am on the bus......

We always watch this Gus. Always say -"we must go there one day" For the last 5 years i have a friend living close to Edinburgh and she keeps saying come up and stay for a couple of days but we never get there. One day! We are trying to do all the things we have talked about now before they become impossible to do for one reason or another.

I agree gus The Edinburgh Militaty Tatoo is a must. Even better being there. I live in Edinburgh and go every year.

We went to the Military Tattoo a few years ago it was magnificent loved every moment, wish I could do it again.

take care

polly xx

Always, but being scottish I might be a tad biased. lol. x

Last Night of the Proms in September.

A must see.


I never miss the Last Night of the Proms.

I liked the Jordanians they put on a good show and so did every one else.

I am talking about the Tattoo of course.

I can't say I am very fond of bagpipe music although it can be quite stirring.

I have never met a Scot who disliked the pipes.

One told me they were made to annoy the English. I don't believe that but it may have a ring of truth.


I like the pipes but then I do have Scottish blood. German as well.

I live in Edinburgh but was born in england. And I don't like the bagpipes. But my daughter was born in Scotland and she doesn't like them either

I have just noticed that this post has become "popular" Now I obviously know what popular means. But how or when or who decides this?

Is it automatic after a certain number of replies or is it the powers that be that decides.

Answers on a post card please. Sorry but I would like to know.


A programme tonight promises to be interesting . It is a 4 part series about animals and the remarkable things they do.

BBC1 at 20.00 hrs


Re the 'popular' tag, it's automatic. I believe 20 replies and it pops up. Therefore if one adds several replies to ones own post one can appear to be 'popular'.

One can :) x

why the f uuuuu would one want to do that?


Oh God help me coughagreatdeal. I have posted on my own site.

It is becoming addictive.


I always answer posts as I think if someone has taken the trouble to reply, the least I can do is reply back. Or if I can't think of a reply I always click on the like button to let them know have read it. x

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