Back from the Doctor's

Update: OK, I'm back from the doctors. She said my breathing sounds ok (my peak flow was 420), but because of the pains in my chest and upper stomach, and the fatigue I've been suffering with this thing, she's put me on a new (to me) anti-biotic called Clarithromycin.

The prescription is a 2 week dose because of my COPD, and I'll be getting it from the chemists tomorrow. I've been told to stop taking the statins I'm on while I'm taking this to avoid nasty muscle side effects.

Lets hope this works.

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Here is interesting read on our precious antibiotics we have so much faith in

Hello Symes,

I really hope it does work for you. It's not pleasant having to go back to the doctors, so a couple of weeks on this hopefully will be of real help to you. Everything crossed, and let us know won't you:-)

It's a good anti b. Symes, should do the trick. Hope pain soon eases. Good peak flow! Xx

hope they soon start to work for you and your soon feeling better

Hoping this does work for you Symes. Xxxx

Thanks everyone

Hope it works for you and you feel much better soon 😊🌸 huff x

Hi Symes, if you haven't taken Clarithromycin before, then I'm sure you'll find it effective. For me, it's one of the better ones and I find it much better then Ciproxin. I read the link you posted and noticed Diltiazem is mentioned as a drug you should not take with Clarithromycin. Nobody has ever pointed this out to me and it's not mentioned on the leaflet that comes with the generic CM that I use. This forum is the best source of patient information that I know of. Hope you feel better soon and I'm really impressed with your 420 peak flow reading. Mine is 200 :(

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