Can you please tell me why I'm up all night coughing til I'm mostly in tears hugging my ribs. I used my Ventolin, took cough syrup, sleep with my head elevated on 2 pillows but my chest is singing up a storm and wants to cough, cough cough. I don't fall asleep until near 5am, sleep about 4 hrs wake take my pills, puffers, ect. Let Bandit out if he will go it's so humid out there, AC much better. I go back to my bed and off to sleep I go until like 9-10pm and then the coughing starts straight til 4-5 am. The other day I took a hot bath at 3am to soothe my ribs. Will this ever end and go back to a normal routine??????

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Dear bandit you do se to be on a bad way. That cough sounds just like Pete gets with a chest infection. Maybe antibiotics are needed.

I do hope you feel better soon. Xxxx

I am on antibiotics 825 mil of Arithromicin twice daily

Maybe they are not working, your bugs might be immune to it. I would be straight back to the doctor.

they want me to give it some time to work, its only been 2 days, appararently it takes 7-10 days for the pills to work. You are so kind to respond with all you went through, I feel like a baby, I have no mom to turn to so I'm lost as to why I'm coughing all nite but not during the day only a little. I'm still in the house no difference inside. I'm so confused.

Have you tried propping yourself up with pillows. When I was nursing people with pneumonia in hospital, years ago, people were propped up almost into sitting position. This may help your cough.

When my husband was coughing badly, before he started the morphine, he couldn't sleep lying down, because of the cough, he slept in his recliner chair. When the hospital bed arrived, he was put into a semi sitting position.

I am on pain meds too for a bad leg and I think they suppress my cough. I have COPD with no cough, but been on heavy painkillers for 4 years now. Did the pain meds completely eliminate your husbands coughing? I'm just curious.

I have 3 pillows and its not comfortable because I have deteriorating disc disease and alot of pressure goes to my ass lol or if I lay down with all those pillows my neck is in the air.

I'm hoping all this discomfort is because of the infection and I'm not going to be stuck like this forever. I don't hear others bitching like a baby like me. I must sound like the whiniest bitch in the world. sorry!!!

You just went through hell and back and here I am newbie to COPD but not new to respiratory crap, should all be the same make it easier. Hope you are taking care of yourself and little George :-)

You poor thing sounds terrible. Have they suggested Steroids the pain is the inflammation it hurts so much doesn't it, maybe you do need the Antibiotics changed.

Kim xx

All I get told is give them a chance to work its only been 2 days, I just don't understand why I cough all night but not during the day, I don't see a difference.

Hello bandit2, what a frustrating time you're having. A couple of suggestions I have is Mucinex, but they don't sell it by that name in Canada. It's known as Guaifenesin. They are tablets. Then there is Delsyum cough syrup, they don't sell that in Canada either, but it's known as dextromethorphan. You would have to talk to your Dr about this, of course. They may not agree since I don't know enough about you and I'm not a dr. Avoid the hot baths as all that humidity isn't good for copd. The coughing is worse when at rest because being up and about is what helps keep our lungs clear. Be well 😊

I have heard of Mucinex but Im taking amoxicillin/clavulanic acid 875 mg, 2x day, koffex dextromethorphan 3mg-3xday,

spiriva respimat- 1 spray a day, Breo 100mg -1 spray, Ventolin - 2 sprays as needed, avamys nasal spray as needed.

That is what I dont understand Im still in bed during the day because Ive been coughing all night so its not like Im up and moving around. I'm sore and tired from coughing. I still cough but I am able to stop where as at night I can't get a grip to stop coughing. The bath was for my sore ribs, couldn't take the pain anymore. Tried breathing into a paperbag and I coughed even more. Its like rumble rumble and I cant clear my throat, very frustrating.

I have had bronchitis all my life but these coughing attacks far exceed ones that I had previously.

A Heating pad would help the pain on your side, that's what I use when I get sore from coughing so much. Holding a pillow close to your body while coughing should help with the pain too. Be sure you're drinking plenty of water. To help clear your throat drink hot decaf green tea, no sweetener. This may not help, but it's worth a try.

I do hope you get some relief soon 😌

heat eh!! I was using cold which was no help. I need a long pad or do one side at a time lol. Bad me no water, I hate water and I know I should, I started drinking a smoothie in the am with veggies and fruit, never had green tea, sleepytime tea and mint tea, but no sugar "yuk" how come? I dont mind trying the tea but plain please some simply syrup then just for a sweet taste???

Okay, it's off to the naughty corner with you for not drinking water! It's extremely important for those of us with sick lungs to drink plenty as it helps keep the lungs clear- it's right up there with not smoking, medication and exercise. I know the recommended amount must sound daunting to you so start out drinking smaller amounts everyday until you get use to it. I promise you'll notice a big difference in how you feel once you work your way up to 8 8oz glasses of fluids a day. Fortunately for you not all of this has to be water, but at least 1/2 should be.

I mentioned green tea because it has anti-toxin properties and we need all the help we can get, drink whatever you like, add a little sweetener if it's that important to you and while drinking, when the tea begins to cool, heat it up again. The idea is to drink while it's as hot as you can tolerate it.

Now, give yourself a gold star for the smoothie! Please let us know how you're doing, bandit2.

Yeah, I got 1 gold star, I will get some green tea I'm told it helps with weight loss too, how often should I drink it and when? 8-8oz glasses of water I will be on the toilet forever lol. I'm lucky to drink 16 oz of anything except my smoothie, it's a big one and takes me about a 1/2 hr to drink it. Todays was, fresh pineapple, 1/2 a fresh canteloupe, 2 handfuls of baby spinach, piece of cucumber, a splash of grenadine syrup, splash of simple syrup, a fresh banana, some coconut milk and ice. sooooo yummy.

Im too pooped to cook or to eat so my smoothie is my meal for the day, then I try to sleep beause again Im up all night coughing. Tried holding a pillow and it helped a wee bit not much though. I have no energy :-(

I know there are many kinds of green tea out there, what is it Im looking for please?

Dont like the naughty corner I will try to drink a glass of water tomorrow "yuk"

Good Morning! Are you doing better today? Your smoothie sounds so good πŸ˜‹ aren't they wonderful! I don't know about weight loss, but get which ever kind you like, I usually drink Celestial Seasonings. I'd say 2 -3 cups a day should do it at anytime you like. Pillows work better if you begin using them at the start of coughing, you're already sore, as a way to help you from becoming so sore. Have a good (hopefully) weekend.β˜•

I meant to add that soup, fruit juice, tea and coffee count as fluids acceptable for hydration. GrapesπŸ‡ and celery have a high water content so they're good for snacking on. BUT, it's important you drink lots of plain water!!!🍷 it thins out the mucous.

Your body will get used to the water and you b able to hold more. About 3 years ago I used to drink 3 liters of pop a day but I changed to water gradually but I felt like you at first but now my body used to it x

Yuk!! Boring, on the toilet in 20 min or else and that is one glass. You must be on the potty all day lol. I am trying just for you but "YUK" :-D


No im good with it I drink about 2 liters a day and my body used to it i go the toilet more if I drink fizzy stuff x

How awful Debbie. I so understand how dreadful it is. Can you ring the doctor? Do you have a tempreture? I found not moving and just being immobile helped stay the cough somewhat. Easier said than done I know. Thinking of you and Bandit. xx🌱

no fever anymore it was 37.8, called and told to let the pills work its only been 2 days, Trust me I try not to move, my poor baby hasnt played ball in 2 days I feel terrible but I dont have the strength to throw it.

G'day Bandit.

I am sorry to hear of your health issues.

Fisherman's friend are the only over the counter remedy that I can recommend. They give relief for up to 3 hours. Try sleeping in a more upright position.

If you are not able to see your Dr until the 7 day period expires, Can you see another Dr?, preferably a lung specialist. There is not one reason why you should be in this state and have to wait.

As I am not familiar with your health system, I can only suggest... If you cannot put up with the cough / pain Go to a hospital.

As far as the ribs are concerned, have you seen a Dr? if not please do, as you may have fractured one or more, due to the coughing. Susan cracked 3 of hers over a three week period, very painful and they take up to a month to heal. You can also try using a broad bandage to support the rib cage to stop the ribs from moving in a normal manner.

It is not right that you should be left in this condition.

Sorry I cannot be more helpful and I would not like to think that my dog would be left unattended for 7 days, if the little mutt was in pain, let alone a human being.

Someone's chain needs to be rattled

Very frustrating.


I dont know but your health system seems to be more empathetic where as here its more sterile, dr's are afraid to prescibe "narcotics" I used to be given novahistex DH cough syrup but it contains hydrocodone no-one wants to prescribe it anymore but it was great to help stop the nagging cough.

you people are so lucky to have eachother. I searched other sites for migraines and again the UK one was the friendliest of them all, get this on one site you could not recommend a treatment you used, a medication, or facility, no products only tell your woes now what you tell me what the hell good a forum is like that, how would I learn anything.

I dont want to go to the hospital, those places scare me and I might piss off my doctor. Maybe it's just a very bad infection and in time the pills will do something I hope. You are so kind, thank you for your kindness. I wish I had someone to rattle a chain for me but Bandit can't talk lol

I have 2 pillows should I be higher? sorry buddy fishermans friend burned my mouth too hot for me, vicks was more my speed even halls a bit too much. Im a plain gal. No hot spices not even pepper. I should see a specialist but that is up to my dr to make the request, other than that you cant see one. sucks to be here apparently, only good thing is you dont pay for dr's or hospital visits, not sure where you are but in the states you have to be rich to be sick.

Thanks Bandit


I should have told you We reside in Victoria, Australia, where we are blessed with having the Alfred Hospital, which I believe is the best of the best.

Susan has just had a bilateral lung transplant 3 weeks ago, and the total cost (according to hospital staff) is $850,000.

As it is a public training hospital the cost to us is $0.

I worked out the meds for the first week cost $2400.00 our cost $167.00.

I wished that all sick folk could use this fantastic hospital, where you are treated like family, Just like on Health Unlocked.

I feel for you as I have read many posts of the problems in the U.S.A especially getting approval for meds.

Regarding head height.

After transplantation the patient sleeps in an elevated position, helps with the breathing, reduces reflux and can possibly reduce coughing.

I do not know which lung disease you have COPD or ILD but either way I would be trying maybe 2 pillows and if it does not help then three.

Pity you cannot tolerate the Fisherman's friend.

Susan used to place one under her tongue, yes they do take some getting used to.

I wish you well and hope that you can get the coughing under control.


Im in Canada and thank god we have OHIP(Ontario health insurance program) so all dr visits, hospital stays, surgeries are paid for. I am on disability which pays 1500.00 month for my rent/food/cable/phone. I have to budget very sparsley. My meds are all paid for thank god. I could not afford to pay 167.00/week that = $668.00 a month. Plus I pay insurance for Bandit and his food.

My puffers alone are 250.00 god know what my pills cost. I have relatives in Aussie actually he is getting his second hip replacement surgery in 2 weeks, he had the first one done approx a month ago.

Sounds like she is in very good loving hands with you and has many many more years. I do have a question now that she has had a transplant is the COPD gone?


Thanks for your reply.

The $167 is not for 1 week possible 1 month as are yet to work out how long the drugs will last.

Susan had IPF and yes with the removal of the lungs the disease goes with them.

Fantastic, no more coughing and or dragging the bottle around.

Stay happy


wow good for you Susan not a smoker I'm assuming, we go to the bottom of the lung lists, some people don' think we have a right to a second chance.

I'm so happy for you guys it's like your wedding all over, now you need a new honeymoon to test out those new lungs, fresh air, water, hot tubs, all the bellls and whistles, dancing, walking in the sand with the one you love how romantic can you get. :-)

I do have 2 questions what is a bi-lateral transplant- they took it all right? No chances of it coming back. Second ? what is IPF never heard of it.

G'day Bandit.

Yes Susan has never smoked and there is no stigma re your history (smoker).

Everyone deserves a second chance. How many out there were unaware what can happen if you smoke.

I would be the most anti smoking campaigner around, never smoked and lost both mother and father to it. Now when I see a smoker I just shake my head and ask myself, with all that is now known why do you smoke? Worst still, when going to the hospital it saddens me to see the hospital staff sitting out the front of the Alfred...Smoking.

I have seen many poor souls in at the Alfred, in the respiratory clinic , smokers in the past, now desperately seeking another chance, and good on them, they have as much right as non smokers to get the "gift of Life"

Bilateral means both lungs

IPF = Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.

You write a good verse for post transplant, but, we have many restrictions for the next 12 months, then, a cruise, maybe two.

Best wishes


Will ans Susan 12 months is a piece of cake to wait for a life time of bliss and breathing and the fun you can have, relive your teens, make sand castles,, carry her in the water and then dunk lol she will be able to breathe..

I looked up IPF not good at all, thats what my friend had I guess they called it COPD. I guess they are more forgiving in the UK. Here in Canada anyone who has had addcitions, ie smoking, drinking, drugs, are not preferred clientelle. My friend needed a liver transplant very badly and was not accepted as a candidate on the list until it got so bad she was dying, result she died.

I can see a medical point of view because these people chose to do waht they did just as I did, people like Susan did nothing wrong so of course they should be a priority. I smoked over 40 yrs now its time to pay the piper so to speak. I'm just a big baby who hates being sick lol.

You are both probably on cloud nine and should be, second chances are few and far between. I pray that her transplant works as well as if nothing was new and her body fully accepts the gift.

Thanks Bandit.

IPF and COPD are different diseases.

IPF affects the o2 passing thru the lungs and into the blood stream and then exiting as co2 when we exhale.

COPD is a blockage in the airways (before the o2 reaches the lungs) and there are meds out there to help partially clear the airways. Both are nasty diseases, but if one had a choice it would be COPD.

I cannot speak for the medical approach to smokers in Canada but out here there is no difference re transplant. They do stress the need for you to quit, and I have heard of cases when the person receives new lungs, goes back to smoking, gets sick and is then told "Sorry"

Met a bloke in hospital last week, received new lungs 4 years ago and now back due to an infection. Saw him sneaking outside to have a fag. "Fool" He is the prime example of why some may feel the need to say no!

As for me carrying my darling wife, never , not unless I want to go to hospital as a patient.

Torn shoulder muscles, 2 bulging and one prolapsed disk, both knees (bone on bone) in need of 2 knee replacements.

I fear it would be Susan carrying me.

Stay happy


quitting smoking is a bitch for sure but if someone is given a second chance it should never be wasted. That is not fair to the person who gave the lungs. I quit for 3 months and then relapsed because of a medication. I will do it again I know this for sure because I have to have another major oral operation, scares you into quitting. Stitches everywhere.

Sounds to me like after Susan gets better it's your turn to get fixed, I have four discs bone on bone in my back (sacrilliac) but this old goat is too old for fussing about. No one to really care anyway, not like you and Susan so you need to pull up your big pants and get healthy for her and your fabulous honeymoon you will both be attending :-) hard to frolick in the water or dance on legs not working. You can do it though Will, look what a soldier she has been for her love to you. Keep me updated if you have time would love to know how you all are doing.

Thanks Mate

Will do and you take care.


Have you been to GP and asked for an antihistamine tablet it may help reduce your mucous level and then you can sleep a bit.Good luck and try and stay calm difficult I Know but we need to do this as lung problem patients .Stress increases my mucous and inflames my lungs so I am Woking hard on trying to stay calm when things don't go well. Good luck

what is this tablet you ae talking about. I have valium 10mg but the cough is stronger.

I did ask for the tablet, I got a change of meds, prednisone, and a nasal spray, not sure what does what they don't explain it to you. Just kept her blabbing to the other dr, bad exasberation, pulmonary ? all big fat words.

If you don't know why you are taking the meds ask your Doc. Really important to understand what you are doing . Don't be patronised by others. It is your health. Prednisilone is a steroid which will reduce your immunity so not great if you can avoid it.

Try getting a nebuliser from hospital via GP if you are in Uk . Great help to calm things down and easy to use . I do my emails when I am using it. Good luck

Im in Canada, Oshawa. Doctors don't take time to talk, they have a quota of people to see so time is limited to approx 10-15 min per patient, as they get paid per patient so you figure 4 patients per hour - 8 hr day- 32 patients a day x $ = lots of money lol. The prednizone is for 5 days only because I said it makes you gain weight and Im a recovering bulemic not good for me.

Sorry to hear you do not get full,support from your Docs due to time shortage. But our GOS in UK only get 10 mins per patient but still can manage to send you to a good consultant if you ask and name the consultant. Maybe look on,one and see you locally is good for your condition and then ask to be referred to them.

Hope you feel better soon.

It sounds maybe an adverse reaction to your new inhaler : is Breo the new one? Go back to whatever you were on and see if better. If so back to the GP pronto try something else.

Feel for you, I've been there.

Hello again Bandit xxx Two pillows is nowhere near enough, you need four at least. Then a couple of vertical ones to rest your shoulders and arms. You need to be in an almost sitting position.

Amoxillin doesn't work very well for me, it is a broad spectrum antibiotic. Not all that powerful either. It could very well be, that what you are on doesn't suit you. I personally would raise merry hell with the doctor. You need more help.

I think you might be right about the meds even though its 825 mg I still feel like crap but Im out of luck til Monday. Unless I go to a clinic we will see. Four pillows??? my back will be distorted and my poor bum. Im not understanding

Add extra pillows to sit on. You will not cough nearly so much if you sleep sitting up.

I boil lemons with water, then pour over a dollop of honey. soothes the throat and helps the coughing for a while. even use lemonade as is sweeter and helps the honey go down nicely. when not on antibiotics I put a slug of brandy (whisky if you prefer) in with it at bedtime. I sometimes sip it cold too, keeps things "greased".

Im not understanding this, if you pour boiling lemon water on honey it will melt right. are you saying the lemonade is the lemons and water cause thats sour not sweet. You put Brandy on the honey? Im too confused can we start from the beginning please?????

Hot lemon juice is known to "cut" through mucus. i.e. thin it down so it's easier to cough up. to make it hot as well as go a little further add water and then boil, however it is sour, sooo I add honey to the mix, which "greases" the throat nicely and makes the drink palatable. some times if I don't have fresh lemons I use lemonade, it is sweeter but, hotted up will melt the honey and help the throat. stops me coughing for quite a while.

oh I get it , I thought you were making lozengers lol

i.m sorry u feel so bad.are u allowed any sleeping pills as a temp measure.they have tightened the laws on codeine in uk too banned even codeine linctus.kisses an hug to bandit.

sorry to hear your not well do you have recliner chair I sit up in bed when I have a chest infection hope your feeling well soon

my ass is sore from sitting upright lol

The trick is to clear your lungs before night time.

If you don't have a nebulizer, you should get one. Also, a flutter valve (acapella) to blow into. Or at the least, have some one, with cupped hands 'beat' on your back while laying on your stomach. All these things help to loosen the mucus. To get the mucus up, lay in different positions. What works for me, having my head lower than my waist, while coughing.

If you are up to it, exercise, low impact. It helps to work the lungs and loosen mucus.

If you don't like drinking water. Get flavored water, or sugar free soda. I get this otc tablets, that added to water, gives it flavor, alittle carbonated and vitamins and minerals. I live in the states and it's called Air Borne. It's to help boost the immune system.

Hope you will be feeling better soon, Beth

thankyou for your comments but you lost me, nebulizer? or that other thingy-acapella. I have puffers and a steamer. Where would I find these things and what is the cost of such a gadget? I don't like carbonated drinks, I shake them til they are flat or blow bubbles into them. I thought sugar -free stuff was a no no- cancer causing and nasty after taste. Never heard of Air Borne but will do some research. I dont have anyone to help me except Bandit, my partner is an alcoholic who doesnt believe the dr, he says you have a very bad summer cold thats it. Gets drunk and passes out- no help from him that's for sure.

He could watch Bandit because he didnt have to do anything for him but when it came time for his incision bath, nope he just held Bandits legs I did the rest. Useless but mine lucky me lol


A nebulizer is a small machine that takes liquid meds and changes them into a vapor that you breath in. Most of us use the med albuterol to help reduce inflammation and sodium chloride to help thin the mucus. The nebulizer and meds have to be prescribed by your doctor.

A flutter value (acapella) is a hand held devise that when you breath into it a certain way, it causes your lungs to viberate a little to help loosen the mucus. I think you can purchase one on Amazon.

It sounds like you are having serious lung issues and the sooner you see a doctor the better. You may need more than just inhalers (puffers).


Hello. I don't think I have every seen anyone have 52 replies so everyone is very concerned for you. Sorry to be late in writing; I have been away for three days with no internet. I have read half the replies and no-one asked if your cough produced phlegm.

1. I have sarcoidosis and damaged lungs which produces phlegm every day. I do breathing exercises taught to me by hospital physiotherapists called Active Cycle of Breathing Technique (ACBT), also known as huffing. Without that I too would be coughing uncontrollably and unable to lie down to sleep. It takes about 20 minutes morning and evening and has changed my life. So if your cough is caused by phlegm accumulation please do try ACBT.

There are various Youtube demonstrations and written descriptions on Google; this is a good one

2. I also have a nebuliser which I use with a prescribed salt solution in single 'dose' ampoules morning and evening before I do the ACBT.

3. I have Fisherman's Friends with me at all times, as if I have a 'tickle' it stops if I suck one. They are strong but you would get used to them.

4. You say "I am on antibiotics 825 mil of Arithromicin twice daily". I have arithromicin on prescription which I have been taking Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for 4 years to stop me getting an infection. I also have an antiobiotic which I keep at home in case I get an infection which I would then have to take every day for 2 weeks. After 4 years on arithromicin, three weeks ago I caught a cold, mostly cough, and used the medication. I do think you should ask your doctor if you have an infection. Things may be different in Canada (I am in England) but If you produce phlegm, you can be tested for a particular infection by giving your doctor a sample of your phlegm in a small pot (given to you by the doctors receptionist) which is then sent off to hospital for testing for the best antibiotic against that particular infection.

I do hope this helps and you are better very soon.

I was astounded by the outpouring of love and concern. I felt like a real wimp, I have no family to turn to for support or a shoulder to cry on so it's been very hard and very lonely. You are very wise and kind to repond. They gave me a new antibiotic Azithromycin Dihydrate 250mg. plus prednisone for 5 days.

Yes there is phlem but it wont come up that is why they gave me Koffex DM to try and suppress the cough because I get no-where trying to spit it up. It rumbles and rumbles and sometimes I feel like I could cough out a lung instead of phlem. It's a loud barking rumbling cough. The doctor came in and used a fancy word exasserbation or something like that.

I tried the excercise on the video and started coughing almost immediately so I'm guessing this isn't the right time for me to start them yet. Have to get over this infection first. I dont seem to cough as much during the day but the nights are a battle field of coughing and choking, even using my ventolin and the syrup.

You are funny some one else told me about fishermans friend but too hot for me I couldn't take it, reminded me of a cough drop years ago Megazones my mom used to use them for bronchitis and asthma, "YUK" I try to do the halls lemon but even then I have to chop them up and suck a small piece at a time. Vicks is more my speed but not strong enough I know so halls for now in small pieces. I don't do spicey or hot, not even pepper.

Everyone has been so good to me I swear the other day I was just ready to give up, death seemed like a blessing but I looked into Bandits eyes and he had so much love in them I just held him and cried. One more day I would say just for you.