SUCH Big Claims For Such A Little PAIN

SUCH Big Claims For Such A Little PAIN

Well today I ventured out in Garden to cut a bush back WELL that was it.

I found myself in server pain discomfort I thought my belly was on fire or I was going to spontainiasly combust GOSH runing round garden like I was on fire.

Anyway I tried to compose myself stay calm and inspect cause of my pain AND to my horror the was bee or wasp under my shirt stinging me.

Well I nearly died there and then SO I quickly flicked it of my stomach gut BUT I had to remove stinger Wile still trying to stay composed.

Luckily I was ok but scared damaged from my run in with little pest BUT ever optimist I tried to stay positive knowing I did not have hives as result AS that is marker for things being very BAD given bee wasp stings.

Then I come across a article ABOUT bee wasp stings CURING CANCER such a big claim for such a little pain eh.

On the hole even tho my guts hurt and I can't pull my pants up AM feeling not to bad as if I did or the was DOSE that mean am cured :o


Guess jury is still out on that but is interesting read needless to say I would not recommend anyone get stung AS it hurts like mad and could even kill you.

Next time I get stung al leave it to experts or used care sales men / women

O here is artical :

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  • Ooh ouch! Looks painful, Daz. Also a bit awkward for you not to be able to pull your pants up....thank goodness you weren't wearing a kilt 😳

    Tee xxx

  • Hi tee thought I was going to suffer anaphylaxis DEFO right about kilt tho :)

  • Years back I was cleaning inside my taxi. A can of coke sat on the roof. Took a sip, could feel something on my tounge, a surge of burning, spat out a wasp. Oh that hurt!

  • Hi Robbert I to experienced wasp in mouth .. Was young nieve and riding bike with mouth open DEFO not recommend eh

  • Ouch, round one to the wasp then πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ hope it's not so bad today xx Sonia xx

  • Hi cheers sonia1972 it defo got bet of me till I stod on it :)

    Healed pretty quick but did have gut rot all night BUT am ok now but tad parinode about em

  • Only you! Does look painful though. Hope it feels better today. Take care. Bzzzzzz! Xxx🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

  • Hi Sassy cheers thanks yer was just a tad painful lol

    What do they say what don't kill ya makes you stronger GUESS I must be exception as I think all run away next one I see hear lol

  • It must have found you sweet smelling and tempting to go up your shirt Daz 😜 hope you've got some antihistamine . P

  • Never thought of it quite like that BUT yer have been told I smell nice guess you might have point peege.

    Not seen me gf so running low on estimean GOSH did I really just say that lol

  • Hi 1008, Bee stings are very painful, went through the same myself a few weeks ago in the garden. Poured vinegar on it and it soon calmed down, my skin I mean not the bee, he got squashed. :) :) hope it is better today. Will read your link when I get back later.

  • Hi Katieoxo60 hi cheers yer I to broke out vinegar WAS school dinner ladies told me about that in my school days BUT yer am feeling quite top of the morning expect it's night time lol

  • I hope you soon recover, JAS. katieoxo60 it is vinegar for wasp stings and bicarbonate of soda for bee stings. I was taught to remember it by the initial letters - Bicarb = Bee and Vinegar = Vasp!

  • Hi Toci cheers :)

  • Oh no Jeff. That looks so sore. I salute your presence of mind under such horrible circumstances. No doubt I would have done something stupid and drastic! I hope it gets better really quickly. xx πŸ˜ƒ

  • Hi Caspiana wish I was so composed but was cursing like trouper defo not my finest hour lol

    But yer am recovering well now panic is over DEFO one of them o my god moments lol

  • Well I guess it could have been worse. There might have been a swarm of them! ! 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝So glad you're recovering. xx

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