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I'm wondering if I would qualify to get a blue badge so thought I'd test the water here first before I make a fool of myself with ESCC.

I have asthma (does not automatically qualify)

I have COPD ( ditto )

I have suspected bronchiectasis (don't know what the policy is on this)

Now, when I am well, I can't walk fast but I can manage the requisite distance so would fail the test on good days.

However, I have been getting regular (monthly) chest infections and when I'm hit by one of those goodies, I can only manage a few steps and it takes me a good two weeks before I can walk to my local shop.

I have stopped driving as I cough so suddenly that I would be accross the road in an instant, and I also have vertigo from time to time. On a bad day I need to use a walker to help me get to and from the car (as well as the loo, kitchen etc).

I'd value your thoughts on whether or not I'm being a bit previous in applying for one, or whether I'm bad enough to try. The problem is, when I'm having a good few days, I feel it would be fraudulent, but on a bad day I would do anything to have one.

As an ex social worker, we always told people filling in DLA forms to write them with their worst day in mind. Does the same apply for Blue Badges? Anyone know?

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Hi MoyB, definitely filling the relevant info with your worst day in mind. You can only try and may well succeed. Best of luck to you. Xxxx


Take the first step.

How far you can walk without severe discomfort, is the onset of breathlessness or pain. Not when it's so bad you are in agony or gasping for breath.

Yes I would say so. My husband is the same. On a good day he is fine to walk a little way to the shop so he doesn't use the blue badge and parks in an ordinary parking space saving the space for someone who needs it. On a bad day he needs that parking space.

Hi MoyB I think they have toughened up on the requirements for obtaining a Blue Badge over the past few years.

I do know that it's not what illness you have but how it affects you.

I applied for a Blue Badge about 2yrs ago over the phone. Explained that I suffer from Osteochondrosis (of the spine) which she hadn't even heard of and because it wasn't on their list of recognized illnesses she said she would have get an Occupational Therapist to ring me.

When the Occupational Therapist rang and I explained to her how the Osteochondrosis affected me and was told that I met their criteria for qualifying for a Blue Badge even though my illness wasn't on the list. She told me herself that it isn't the illness that entitles you to a Blue Badge it is how your illness affects you.

Tell them how you are affected by your illnesses on your worst day.

Good Luck

Regards. John

Thanks for your replies, everyone. I'll await my CT scan results on August 8th, just in case they throw something unexpected into the mix, then I'll apply. I must say, my husband and family would be delighted if I could have one - not so they could park closer to things, but because I wouldn't be out of puff all the time from having had to walk so far to everything.

Thanks again.

xx Moy

I applied for mine in December last year.

No problem getting one.

Although I have severe emphysema.i have days I can walk further than others.

You shouldn't have a problem getting one.

Good luck

I applied and received one with no hassle, I think it depends on who does the assesment and how knowledgeable they are with your condition.

if you have COPD you DO qualify so apply.

Only if you can't walk the distance. Not because you've got COPD! That's wrong information!

I decided I would start to fill in the online form but I ran out of space for both appointments and medication so I rang this morning to ask for a paper form to be sent to me. The response I got was that I could collect one from my local library - over a mile away!

I'm still chuckling at the irony of this - I'm after a blue badge because I have problems with my mobility yet I have to be sufficiently mobile to go to the library to get the form in the first place! You couldn't make it up, could you?

Another gold star (not) for ESCC!

some aren't helpful and others are very helpful there are things that should be on the list for blue badges but are not. good luck Tom

Hi I suffer with Ashma and Bronchiectasis , I am going into the Royal Brompton Hospital for 5 days for tests, as the consultant said I have an underline problem, as I keep getting lung infections . I applied for a Blue badge and was successful in getting one. Feel there are two points you need to think about. When you apply for the badge, they need to know how bad you are, not how good you are on good days. It also depends on how far you can walk before you have to rest, how long you rest for before you can carry on walking. If you get past the first stage I've the application form, they will then call you in for a accesment with a medical person who asked you questions and take a list of what medication you are on? They will also take you out side for a little walk, to see how out of breath you get and if you have to stop for a rest, and they time the distance it takes you to walk it. Depending on which County Council you are under, it might be slightly different. Hope this will help you. John

Thanks, John. I hope you get on ok with your tests. Wouldn't it be great if they found something that would improve things for you?

Re the Blue Badge, I've been snookered by the online form (thought I'd start on it now) as it doesn't have enough room for everything and also, it wouldn't accept my photos. So, I rang the Social Services and they said I could get a form from the local library (made me laugh - need a car to get there - mobility problems - Hah!). Anyway, I got the form which is specifice to East Sussex and it is quite different. It's much easier to complete and allows for extra writing where necessary with a whole page for 'anything else'. I feel encouraged by it, so am going to send it in even before I get my scan etc as there is a long processing time and it could be winter before I get it if I wait any longer.

People on here have given me hope, so I thought 'Go for it - nothing to lose!'

The only things I am waiting for are better photos, my friend's teacher daughter to endorse them and my passport photocopy, and some clearer walking distances. I'm going to pulmonary rehab exercises tomorrow for the first time so can see how well I can do in that environment (or not). It's difficult to say how far I can walk. On bad days, it's from the house to the car - sometimes with a rest- and that's at the front of our bungalow on the drive. Other times I can do better.

I don't want to make fraudulent claims, but I need them to know just how awful this can be.

Thanks again for your post - good luck at the Royal Brompton.

xx Moy

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