I'm back and fighting - Now give me your money Ha Ha :)

I'm back and fighting - Now give me your money Ha Ha :)

Hi All - I'm back after a rough few months of lung assessments then contracting sepsis of the lungs :( Hope you are all keeping well as possible tho this heat is crippling :(

When not looking after me my wife spends time at a local animal sanctuary which we have supported, it takes her mind off things for a short while The sanctuary takes in a wide range of abused and neglected and abandoned animals from a hamster to a horse and everything in between. (I'm not able to get there very often now). The sanctuary is purely operated on donations and ran by volunteers.

We are trying to raise money to build a classroom -a Yurt (which is thee most affordable option) The classroom will teach children about animal welfare and interact with the different species and hopefully this will reduce the amount of animal cruelty. We are also going to use it for Special Educational Needs Children as interaction with animals have shown great benefits to children with special needs.

If you feel you can donate (even a £1) it would be appreciated please click on the link below. I really would like to see it up and running. Even Harry the raccoon (one of the residents) is all ready and eager to start


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  • Have just donated Plumbob. So good to hear from you again. Sorry you have had it rough recently and wishing you well. Xxxxxx

  • Thanks Sassy means a lot :) took a while to get my head straight after deciding not to go for lung transplant and I have proved the medical profession wrong and I have been right because after 2 years of serious deterioration I have now levelled off/slowed down so hopefully still got a bit of fight in me - Happy (but hot) days :) :) X

  • Hi plumbob, nice to see u, I too have donated xx Sonia xx

  • Much appreciated Sonia - Nice to be back on the scene X

  • Hello plumbob,

    Oh you have been so poorly, and I am pleased that you are recovering nicely now. I'm a bit confused as to where exactly the animal rescue is situated? If you wish to donate a pop up gives the dollar sign, but the Kays Hill Farm I found was in the U.K. and then I was puzzled to see all the animals in the photographs - have they been abandoned in the U.K. ? Can you set me right please?

    Thankyou and best wishes.

  • Sorry Jennifer I only answered half your questions. The animals are brought in by the RSPCA , Police and various other people who have found them, some people just abandon them at the gate. We even have a Civet and a Coati-Mundie . People buy them as pets and can't handle them when they start to grow so just 'Dispose' of them. animal cruelty generally expands to human cruelty :(



  • Hi Jennifer, I had no trouble donating, only with my bank I had to verify it as my card has been frauded several times, but it was straight forward actually on the donating site 😊 Xx Sonia xx

  • Thankyou Sonia - this is always a concern of mine too.


  • It was a bloody nightmare, every week for a whole month, I had to have a new card, new number, my card was being used all over the world, so now anything slightly out the ordinary any transactions are froze till the bank verify its me doing it, which is good I suppose but annoying . Xx Sonia xx

  • A friend of mine had £3,000 removed from his account....more than annoying.


  • Hi Jennifer I appreciate your attempt to donate. The sanctuary is in Co.Durham (England) between Darlington and West Auckland. I have just clicked onto the link and pressed donate and it came up with £ sign so I can't really explain why $ Symbol appeared - I don't think Sonia or Sassy had a problem. You could maybe try again and see what happens

  • Thankyou Owen I have found out where it is now, and will have another go.

  • donated and shared on Facebook.

  • Thanks Stillstanding it is appreciated and thank you for sharing


  • Good to hear that you're feeling better now. Some lovely animal pic's on the site, happy to add my twopennyworth, so to speak.

  • Cheers Magpuss every twopennyworth counts - they are only a sample of animals there is also donkeys horses, pigs, owls cats dogs tortoises lizards snakes and many more that Kays Hill look after - all funded by generous people like yourself X


  • Just donated.

    Annie x

  • Much appreciated Annie Thank you X


  • I'm sorry to hear you've had such a rough time Plumbob but, it's lovely to hear from you again.

    I've donated and shared on Facebook. I love Harry the Racoon, he's so cute!!!

    Take care xx

  • Thanks Casper It takes a lot to knock me down and I come back fighting.

    Harry is very cute and friendly, and one of about a dozen racoons Kays Hill have but people consider them good pets because of their cuteness and don't realise how demanding they can be because they are very curious little things.

    Thanks for donation and sharing x


  • Hi Plumbob, sorry to hear you've not been well, I did wonder where you were, hope you're on the up now, I have donated to your great cause, and shared on my facebook page, so hope you get lots more. Take care, Christine.

  • Hi Celat06 - As I just said to Casper It takes a lot to knock me down but I always come back fighting. Prognosis not good but I am positive and like to disprove medical science :)

    Thank You for your donation and Thank you for sharing X


  • Donated. Good luck raising the funds.

  • Cheers Ergendl

    Every single donation counts and is very much appreciated X


  • So glad you are back. Been wondering where you have been and was going to send a message to you today if no one had heard. Hope you are doing well. Love the photo. Wi.l donate at the end of the month.

  • I'm like a rubber ball I always bounce back :) Harry (the racoon) is lovely and so inquisitive :D as well as looking for treats. Your offer of a donation is much appreciated but only if you can afford it ?

    Hope you are keeping as well as possible in this weather :(

    Regards and Thanks


  • Hi Plumbob great to see you sorry you haven't been well. It's great to hear you have proved the Doctors wrong it's just these bloody flu viruses that get us every time.

    Newcastle has a similar thing in the city centre we took our granddaughter a few times its called Ouseburn farm but I think that's in trouble.

  • Hi Onamission - You can't keep a good man down :P LOL. all charity run organisations have been struggling as people tighten their belts. and sometimes the pets are suffer as a consequence but some people get exotic pets not knowing the dedication it takes to look after them. Kays Hill is at bursting point at the moment yet organisations such as RSPCA and police are asking them to take more in and they all have to be fed and watered as well as sheltered. its frustrating.

    Anyway on a lighter note I hope the weathers not affecting you too much and your staying strong?



  • The next time I'm in Newcastle I will take the granddaughters and donate money then I'm not sure but the charity pay tax if its done by card I will go the the end of the earth to avoid paying tax on my money twice.

    I'm not to bad I cope well in this weather rather than the frost.

  • Hi Onamission - I don't think the charity makes that much to pay taxes (tho could be wrong ?) and they can claim vat back.

    I'm like you I saved up for my private pension since I was 17 and it just pushes me over threshold so I have to pay tax on savings that's already been taxed, and I also still have to pay NI even tho I won't live long enough to collect my state pension !!!! Where does all the money go that I've contributed as I've never been unemployed - Rant Over

    Hope you keeping well as you can

    Take Care and Thanks

    Owen X

  • My old man has a company car pays 40% as the value of the car is added to his salary. For 6 months of the year over a 3 year period he worked in Malaysia and the Malaysian government wanted tax as well. I learned my lesson working 72 hours many weeks for many years in the NHS and when I needed benefit's they told me the old man should support you so I'm coming back as a flying elephant you can guess where I will be hanging out 🙇 will look at this again and give them a donation

  • Welcome back Plumbob, like the picture he sure looks cute. Late reply due to a weekend away.

  • Hi Katie - I'm like a bad smell I just won't go away :P :P Hope your keeping as well as possible ?



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