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Bung lung


Iam a 67 year old man that has a 20per cent decline in lung capacity due to working for a aluminium plant.i worked there for 7years then went back to my trade of bricklaying,20 years on from working in the smelter I've contracted plural thickening in the lower part of my lungs.been to specialists and they said at this stage do nothing.i find in hot steamy weather hard to breathe.iam currently trying salt therapy to help and or improve my condition.be grateful for any ideas from this forum.cheers Les.au.

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Presume you do not smoke. If so giving up is vital. Sorry can't help with your lung problem. Eating healthily and getting some exercise is good and being kind to yourself and . resting if you have an infection. Once you come to terms with your condition and make allowances for it it doesn't seem as bad. There is a great bunch on here always willing to give support and advise. Welcome Joyce

Hyundai32 in reply to joyce74

Thank you for the reply.no i don't smoke.doctor hasn't prescribed anything at this stage.i walk the dogs most days up to 4 to 5 kms when i feel well.cheers Les

Hyundai32 in reply to joyce74

Thankyou cheers.👍 nice to know there is help and support out there.cheers and God bless

Welcome to the site, Hyundai32. I'm so sorry to read about your diagnosis. Has your doctor prescribed anything to help ease your symptoms? Have they offered to monitor the progress of your lung problems?

Hello Hyundai32, welcome to this group. You are not alone with breathing difficulties in this extremely hot humid weather,. I would get in touch with the BLF helpline nurses for advice. Salt pipes help some, Pulmonary Rehab or exercises to increase lung capacity can help too. Not all exercises have to be at a gym. Try to do a little exercise every day rather than a intense session once a week. Main objective is to keep yourself as healthy as possible to compensate for your lowered lung capacity, plus possibly an annual doctors review of your lung condition.

Hyundai32 in reply to katieoxo60

yes i have a 6 monthly tests

katieoxo60 in reply to Hyundai32

that's good some people on here don't even get one every twelve months. I see my GP every three months for review of drugs and breathing review every twelve months.

Welcome hyundai32

Welcome hyundai32 x

Welcome hyundai32x,

Have you considered asking for a spirometry test to rule out COPD? At any rate, you will find kind and caring people in this group who offer a lot of knowledgeable advice for people who struggle with breathing.

All the best to you,


Hi Hyundai32, Although you have been diagnosed and have been told it is due to working in the Aluminium Plant I would be Tested for Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency that can cause these lung issues. It is a Rare Genetic Hereditary Condition cause by the Deficiciency of Antitrypsin Protein that the Liver makes and can sometimes be trapped, or you can just be deficient in this Protein. Lack of this protein can result in Asthma, COPD, Emphysema, and the very thing you mentioned especially the lower lung plural thickening. This Deficiency can also cause Liver Disease.

The crazy thing about this Alpha1 Antitrypsin Deficiency is though they say it is rare it is really not because the reason it is Rare is because Drs do not know about it and rarely test for it. You have to ask to be tested. There is Treatment for this as well called Augmention Therapy which they extract the protein from donated blood and you can get infusions that will prevent further damage in most cases.

Here in the United States there are less than 75 Doctors that are considered Specialist for Alpha 1 but many of them still have basic knowledge. Go and see a Pulmonary Specialist and get tested for your Antitrypsin Level and Phenotype (Genetic Code). Here is a Link to The Alpha 1 Foundation in Australia, you did end your post with AU so I assume thats where you reside. This link should also have Drs that do know about Alpha and Free Testing that you can mail in. Good luck alpha1.org.au/

25 years ago I was diagnosed with pleural plaques due to asbestos exposure. It hasn't really affected my breathing, and I have had a yearly xray since being diagnosed to see if there is any change. My COPD was caused by smoking, and if you are getting short of breath Martymac offers the best advice. Have a Spirometry and six minute walk trest.

Hyundai32 in reply to tamariki

Thankyou cheers.👍 it sounds very good.i have 6 monthly spirometry tests.

My son has suggested I try Salt Caves therapy. I am finding cooler weather much better for breathing. But saying that had holiday in Crete end June and found air wonderful! No sense to that!! Perhaps sea air was clean!???

Wishing you good health and easy breathing!!

ive had 6 sessions in salt therapy and found it an improvement.the hot steamy weather is not good for me also.cheers les

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