So far nothing has changed

Wow kate, great words of wisdom to lift ones spirit.

Well some of you may remember ,I've suffered all my life with breathing troubles and was finally going to a heart Dr as the lung Dr said it wasn't my lungs. After a bunch of tests I was told it must be my lungs. I feel like a yoyo. They each want to make the other guy figure it out. So, guess I'll have to live with it as I've done these 72 years. It's things like the wonderful people on this site that keep me from being really in the dumps over it so thanks to you all for the diversions and advice. It may not be directed at me, but it helps more than you may know.

Bruce ( Doc )

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  • That is exactly why we exist - each inspiring, helping, supporting or advising the other. And it works.

  • Yes it does help a bunch. Thank you all for that. Have a great day.

  • Good luck to you Bruce and hope somebody gets their act together eventually. Xxx

  • Thanks vy much for the kind reply.

  • My Aunt who is 84 has been treated for asthma since she was a child was also told that it is a heart problem recently - I wonder if the consultants are just trying to clear their books and shifting patients from one Doc to another - maybe she will be back with Respiratory consultant in a few months? Thankfully she is doing well at the moment. I am waiting for them to tell me the same thing.

  • You may be right. Hope I can push someone into finding the problem. Thanks for thinking of me.

  • Hope you feel alright Bruce, that's all that you feel! I tell myself I'm feeling well and despite what the doctors say I feel alright most of the time😁 I do hope they decide what's the problem and what's the plan for your future health regime, be nice if they could put your mind at rest soon, take care , be good to yourself , feel well !😊 huff xxx

  • Thanks, I do feel fairly well as long as I don't exert myself much, or if it's not like today, hot humid and seemingly no air.

    You guys are the greatest!

  • You are pretty great yourself! 😁🌻🌼🌸

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