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I have been recently diagnosed with bronchiectasis after years of repeated severe chest infections, resulting in collapsed lung and pneumonia. I just accepted this as normal because I ruptured my main bronchus in a motorcycle accident 32 years ago. I also have a pseudomonas infection of the chest for which I take nebulised colomycin and ciprofloxacin.

At last I have an explanation of why I have been suffering all these years and am on here to find out more about my condition.


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  • Welcome, andyhax. There are quite a few of us with bronchiectasis here. I'm similar to you, ie dx'd after years of multiple chest infections (put down to asthma in my case) and I also have pseudomonas for which I nebulise colomycin (I have the "Promixin" brand though, just so I can have an I-neb, which saves lots of time - let me know if you don't have one & I'll send you details.)

    I used to take cipro but had to stop when it caused achilles tendinitis. Take care, if you get pain in your tendons contact your gp straightaway, don't ignore it.

    This leaflet is about the most helpful I think chss.org.uk/documents/2013/...

    I hope you're seeing a consultant who specialises in either bronchiectasis or adult CF, and that you've been shown how to do chest physio? I'm sorry you've got this dx but it's good to know what it is, as now you can get organised & get on top of it.

    Please let us know how we can help & support you, and if you have any questions (no matter how small!)

  • Hi

    Welcome to forum, COPD myself, but there are several members with same condition.

    In the meantime some bedtime reading.


  • Hi andyhax a warm welcome you to our friendly and informative community.

    So sorry to hear that you have had many years of suffering and hope that you are now receiving good quality care.

    I have IPF and COPD/Emphysema so don't know much about Bronchiectasis but there are many people on here who will be able to give you useful information.

    Regards. John

  • Hi Andy and welcome to the community. I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis and Emphysema some years back. Completely out of the blue. There are a fair number of similar sufferers who are members of the BLF site.

    Your profile does not state which country you are in. It is handy to know. Medication can vary by name from one country to another and so can the cost of treatment.

    Regards, Rib

  • Hi Andyhax and welcome to the forum.

    I have Emphysema myself but I'm sure plenty of fellow sufferers will be around to answer any questions you have. xx

  • Welcome. I have the same condition diagnosed after many years of chest infections, I too came on the site to ask for info, which has been great, anything asked someone on here has answer.

    I have just asked for second opinion as My Consultant ( though very nice) just sees me twice a year, says you look fine and sends me away on same medication.

    I just need to know how condition has progressed over the last 8yrs and if I am doing the right thin regarding steroids/ antibiotics and flare ups.

    Hope to hear more from you on here in the future.

  • Hi Andyhax, welcome to the site :) x

  • Wow thanks for the welcome and all the advice that is already rolling in.

    @Hanne62 I had a look at the tinternet about the I-neb and it looks great, is it really that much quicker as I am already rather fed up of having to get up half an hour earlier before work to sort out my nebs. I currently use a Pari mini as I do an active outdoors job and need something portable to get me out of trouble when I overdo it. Does the I-neb do liquids as well because I find my Sal-lube very soothing to neb.

  • It's fab. I use it to nebulise 3 things, ie Promixin, salbutamol, and hypertonic (7%) saline (all in liquid form). The Promixin & salbutamol take about 1 minute each. H/saline takes longer as you need a larger chamber & have to do 2 lots, so that's about 5mins. It's very small & portable. I use it a lot so have to recharge it about once a week, just plug it in at home for a few hours.

    One reason it's so quick is, all of the drug gets into your lungs & none into the atmosphere, so you need much less.

    Phillips Respironics loan the equipment to NHS patients on condition they're prescribed the Promixin brand, which costs a bit more than generic colomycin. So your GP has to agree to prescribe it, but my consultant recommended it & GP was happy because of the time it saves (as you're discovering, all this nebulising, along with the physio, is quite a burden when you're working). I'm sure you won't have any problem getting one.

  • A warm welcome to you andyhax,

    You have certainly landed in the right place. I don't have bronchiectasis - just copd, but know you are going to be given knowledgeable and correct advice from members on here who do have it. It's a wonderful place for help.

  • Welcome Andy

  • hi x

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