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My mum was asked to do CT scan after X-rays showing some changes, advice needed


Hi, my mum was called and asked to do CT scan after X ray because their are some changes or infection and they need to do further imaging. She had a breast cancer last year but it was early stage and everything went fine. She feels well but we are very worried now that it might be a cancer return to the lungs. Would they do CT scan just because of infection? super worried...

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Hi, I have no idea why they have ordered the scan but I have had 3 and never had a cancer so I do know they are used to monitor the lungs. It's hard not to over-think and not to worry but we often find there was nothing to worry about. Try to relax and it will help your mum to be more relaxed. :)

melissanana in reply to Toci

Thank you Toci. Im worried because breast cancer comes back into lungs or bones and now they see some changes in the lungs...Scan will be beginning of August so need to be strong.

Hope any worries you have are unfounded melissanana but it is understandable. I am sure the hospital will do their very best for your dear mum so be strong.

Sending love and good wishes to you both. Xxxx

melissanana in reply to sassy59

Thank you for good words. Hospital is very good and Im sure they'll do their best. Waiting is extremely difficult so I thought will chart with people who had similar problems :)

sassy59 in reply to melissanana

Great idea melissanana and lots of lovely people on here to chat to. Take care. Xxxx

None of us can read doctors minds, unfortunately.

All I can say is that I've had CT scans of my chest because of my COPD, for various reasons, usually because they want a better picture. I've also had breast cancer and I know that lung secondaries show as little patches on the lungs on CXR. Lung secondaries usually take longer than a year to show up. Your mum was early stage, and she's also older and cancers are spread more slowly in the elderly, if at all.

Of course you'll worry. She's your mum and you love her, but try to worry about what you know not what you think. Something about crossing bridges and hatching chickens??

Take care and let us know. Sue x

Yes unfortunatelly we can not read their minds. I have tried to speak with a nurse but got nothing... She is not saying it is cancer but not saying it is not... she just said knowing your mum's history it is normal you are worried... I don't know if I feel better or worse after speaking with her.

I feel sorry for COPD but how it is not progressing fast and you feel well.

Thank you for the good and positive words. I really need them to be strong before we get results.

I think they would have scanned her before August if they suspected something awful so try not to worry

I thought the same... Thank you for the positive thoughts :)

Fennella02 in reply to Mandy6513

I agree with Mandy6513. Reassuring to know that they are being thorough xx

Yes true... I just keep thinking about what nurse said. that their are some changes and she will arrange appointment with doctor asap after scan results. So maybe she knows their is something seriuos otherwise why would you need doctors appointment?

They scan the chest for a number of reasons. My last scan was following an xray which showed up 2 shadows. These were found to be remnants of an infection.

I can see why you would 'jump to conclusions' of your own, your dear Mum having had cancer last year. My own sister has just had a mastectomy and it was found she has secondary nodules on her lungs. I would add though that her canacer is of a very rare type - sarcoma.

So I hope you don't have long to get some answers and it turns out to be something easily treatable.


Sorry to hear about your sister...try to be strong.

I know I 'jump to conclusions' and Im not helping anyone behaving this way.

Thank you for your good words!

Really agree with all the above , especially about thinking maybe they would have brought scan forward if thought to be really worrying. My husband has regular scans following lung cancer , when the last one was a bit dodgy they put Mick on six weeks of steroids and antibiotics and next scan all was fine . Perhaps a MacMillan nurse might be more helpful and give more positive advice and support . Ours has pulled us through countless major and minor obstacles and really does seem to share the burden of care , they are also very good at having the ear of your specialists and being able to interpret the findings more sympathetically to you both . They can be a real guardian angel if you can get them involved , easy to say I know but all our thoughts and good wishes are with you .

melissanana in reply to nanny365

Thank you nanny. I am aware about MacMillan but never contacted them. probably its a good idea to speak with them.

Thank you for your good thoughts and wishes!

CT Scans show things up better than x rays so it could be just to confirm or rule out something the x ray didn't show up well enough?

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