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I have been experiencing light-headedness, nausea and a pounding heart for 2/3 days. (I'm on 2 lpm). It goes when I sleep but the moment I get up I have to hold on to something for fear of falling. Once I get moving, although I feel very unsteady, I manage to make progress. I made a Duty GP appointment but only saw a para medic locum. He did all the usual checks; BP, blood sat's., and listened to my heart and said everything was in order. He seemed to diagnose "anxiety" and went next door to confer with a GP and came back with a prescription for sickness pills.

Has any COPDer had similar symptoms? If so, what was the outcome?

Thank goodness the weather has changed for the better.

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Hi edwardo, l know that Pete has been light headed in the past and has put it down to certain drugs he takes. Could be so many things. Hope you find answers soon.

Take care and wishing you well. Xxx

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Personally, I'd make an appointment with the GP you see most regularly. If the symptoms go away you can always cancel the appointment, if not then you deserve further examination.


Anxiety is a commo side effect but may be dehydration as well.

Take care & keep us all posted. Insist on another GP appointment.

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Sounds to me like labyrinthitus (not sure of spelling) is viral infection of the inner ear. Travel sickness pills often help but you can get these from gp. Can take anything from a few days to weeks to clear up.

Hope you get sorted soon.


It is difficult, if not impossible to diagnose your symptoms on here but I would say if you are worried (and you obviously are) then you should make an appointment with your doctor. It may be serious and need their intervention, or it may not be serious and then they can reassure you. Good luck.