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You haven't posted today , so hope you are OK. Think of you and Richard, I hope you are coping, silly thing to say, how can you be. It worried me they would not allow the medication. I hope he is pain free. You are always in my thoughts, though I am not a 'regular' on here, but everyone is so supportive, if I actually have a lung disease I know where to turn. God bless you and Richard and of course George. X

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  • Echoing my thoughts exactly Alloagirl. I have been thinking of Christine and Richard a lot today.

    Bless you too for your kind post. Xxx

  • I also have been thinking of Christine, Richard and George. They are in my thoughts many times a day. I can only hope it's a good day for them. It brings tears to my eyes, just thinking about what they're going through. Rubyxx

  • Last night and today have been very busy. No night nurse and there isn't one due until the 6th July. Probably won't be needed by then. I had a struggle getting Richard to the toilet, then a struggle back. On the way back to bed he sat in the chair beside it. He wanted to get into bed, but was not strong enough to stand up. I will do a new post to go into more detail.

  • Omg Christine, where is help when you need it. What is wrong with these people? I am furious for you! Where are your children? Bless you Christine. I wish I were near by.....much hugs to you. May God give you the strength you need, Christine. Rubyxx

  • Christine, have you not been given a commode for Richard? It would save him struggling to & from the toilet.

    Can any of the family stay over some nights to give you a rest? It's all very well them visiting but you really need practical help too. Thinking of you both, hope you have a peaceful night 💐

  • Completely shocked. You should put something on the Trust's website to shame them. I am so very sorry you are not getting the support you should have. I feel so angry and frustrated on your behalf. Would Richard consider a commode so it's not such a struggle? In my area you can borrow them from the Red Cross. I don't know if there is a Carer's centre where you are. If there is you could ask for an advocate so they could deal with these heartless incompetents for you. Thinking of you and sending hugs.

  • I have been wondering to.

  • Oh no!! It is unbelievable, I thought you got home care, if not in a hospice. What is going on, we need to trust our nurses and doctors. You should have the help required. How ashamed they should be, thinking of you so much in this time. Richard should have the best care at end of days. I mean from the NHS as you are giving him everything.x

  • Oh dear Christine--I like the others have been thinking of you everyday--ALOT yesterday--Are you going to have some relatives or someone help you till the 6th? That is an awful lot of physical and emotional stress on you there alone with such a sick husband--Oh I wish I could come and help you--we all do--Poor poor Richard and you and little George--It is just heartbreaking and you are very heavy on all of our minds --You know it is a holiday weeknd here--4th of july--our pseudo independence day--and I was thinking for a second that's why no help there for you--but you probably don't celebrate our so called freedom--Get on the phone Christine and give them hell--This is not a good thing-for either of you--and George must be totally bewildered too--Love you3--MmeT

  • Hi Christine I am totally shocked in the way you and Richard are being treated. I agree with jessy. You should have been given a cammode and other things to help you with Richards care . Hope your family helps you a bit more. My thoughts are with you both xxx

  • this is and has been unacceptable for the nhs to do all this to you and Richard since his illness started to get worse.we are not a third world country nhs has a duty of care everyone above are right.

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