Hi I have been following this forum and found it very interesting and helpful by the advice people have given me, my husband has now been diagnosed with Fibrosis and enphacymia he was diagnosed with COPD a couple of years ago but got a chest infection and was rushed into hospital that was over Easter he had an X Ray last week which is 12 weeks after being discharged from hospital, can any one give us advise, can we go abroad on hols etc and will he have to go on oxygen, he is fine sitting its only on exertion that he gets breathless he sees the respiratory team in August, but any advice would be helpful, thank you everyone.x

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  • Hi

    Many of our members go on holiday, home, abroad cruise.lf you feel upto it and you respitory team or GP are satisfied you can manage. Go for it , biggest hurdle is insurance.

    With regards oxygen, although it can help, oxygen is only given to protect your major organs, rather than for breathlessness .

    Your need for oxygen will be decided by ABG arterial blood gases test for long term oxygen therapy. Or six minute walk test for Ambulitory oxygen therapy. Speak to respitory team if you have concerns.

  • Thank you it has made both of us feel better. Take care

  • Hi have you got an oxymetre? This will measure the oxygen level in the blood (the stats). If the stats fall below 90 or so on a regular basis and especially under 88 then it is possible he will need oxygen. You can buy them for around £20 or so on Amazon. x

  • Normally when he has his oxygen levels checked the readings are roughly 97-98 thats when he is sat resting but on exercion he gets very breathless, he has an appointment with the respitary team in August so we are hoping they will give him medication to help and he is on the waiting list for pulmanary rehabilitation, thank you so much for your reply. xx

  • Well the point with an oxymetre is that you can check his sats at home so you will see if they drop too much on exertion. x

  • Thank you I will look at getting one, thank you for your advice. xx

  • Oh I wouldn't worry too much. I have severe COPD & emphysema but I am as fit as a fiddle. I go to the gym. I go on holidays abroad. Dived in the pool to save a drowning child. Ran up 3 flights of stairs to resue a couple of kids stuck in an elevator!

    But 2 years ago I could hardly crawl up the stairs. Regular exercise and the right meds do wonders for me. Even gently arm chair exercises. I never sit still. I make a point of using the stairs (taking things up one at a time not leaving a pile at the bottom). Just anything to keep moving. I am not going to let this health business get me down. Has your husband done pulmonary rehab if not ask to be referred by your GP.

    Kindest wishes SK

  • Thank you so much you have lifted our spirits, my husband is on the waiting list for pulmonary rehabilitation, he has an appointment with respiratory in August, at the moment when he is sat his breathing is fine but on exertion he gets breathless but he is walking around more and i suppose seeing respiratory will probably give him medication to help, things don't look as bad now. Thank you x

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