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Biopsychosocial or Just Dishonourable Doctors

That is the question ESP when doctors say THEY do not get involved in how dieased live manage ARE they devolved of any humanity conscience or just devolved of diseased social wellbeing.

These are questions I find myself asking from issues of SOCAL ISOLATION to HEALTH CARE PROFESIONAL not wanting to get involved also HCP CONFLICT's of INTEREST in struggles those with lung disease face.

I was reading few articles research papers QUITE sicking really ON how living with CHRONIC LUNG DIEASE is like trying to live with cancer hOW true is that.

So one could rightly say doctors dismissing SOCIAL side of DIEASE process could be construed as being Dishonourable

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JAS it seems the struggle goes on for those with breathing problems. Take care xx


Hi Sassy59 defo agree ... We only have to look how popular site's like this are and then this rehab AM sure it's not coz the happy with lot.


Possibly the best post ever put on here.

Now if the doctors, who are so disaffected, will watch it, you never know, they may start living in the current century.

Takes me back to the movie "Patch Adams"

"If you treat the disease you may win sometimes, but if you treat the patient, no matter what the outcome, you will win every-time"

A pleasure to be given the opportunity to watch the video

Will (Australia)


Interesting; I think we have gone somewhat backwards. Health used to be involved with environmental health issues, these have now returned to the local authority. X

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