For Cas and all the dog lovers

I had this recipe from the dogs trust I sponsor a dog

Quick doggy ice cream

Mix 150ml natural yoghurt and 50g of blueberries. Pour mixture in to ice cube tray and freeze, once frozen you can pop a couple of cubes out to feed your dog. yoghurt is full of good bacteria that are good for the dog says the recipe.

Peanut butter pops

put 3 tablespoons of smooth peanut butter in to a bowel and stir in 400ml of water to loosen the consistency poor in to ice cube tray and freeze.

frozen fruity treats

in a jug mix equal quantities of apple juice and water poor in to a ice cube tray you can also add blueberries, chopped strawberries or raspberries in to each cube.

Baltic banana bites

peel and chop up ripe banana put the slices on a plate or backing tray and put them in the freezer when they are frozen turn them in to a bag and freeze to use when needed.

I used to cook a liver cake for my dogs will look up the recipe for you

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  • don't know about giving it to the dogs think i might eat it my self ,

  • im with you MM--sounds like a fine snack doesn't it? MmeT

  • yogurt pops lol no pops from the back end lol yogurt is the best gas guzzler no more "did you do that whew!!!" Liver cake sounds good. cant wait for that one, Bandit doesnt like ice cubes just his yogurt straight up I mix a bitch batch for both us, a conatiner of strawerry-banana, bluberry, vanilla and coconut he loves it have to ration it though.

  • Thank you onamission . This is great timing. I was just thinking of adding fruit to his diet. 🌼🍦🎢🌸

  • Hi Cas don't give him grapes they are poisonous to dog but they love peanut butter I used to make my dogs liver cake but it does smell I had a old microwave and used that to cook it in I will find it and post it for you. My dogs would stand on there head for a piece

  • Thank you for letting me know. What are your thoughts on apples?

  • Apples are ok as far as I know the dogs trust wouldn't use a recipe if they were dangerous. Try carrots my dogs loved them and are good if the dog puts on weight

  • Do you just give the carrots raw? Sorry for so many questions.

  • Yes I just chop into small peices,put on their meat or just give as a treat,I also give cooked carrot mixed with waterever food they are Jrs love raw swede as well, DONT give onions to dogs,

  • No like redted says no onions never tried a dog with swede I would also mix marmite in warm water and pour over the food

  • Don't say sorry you ask as many time as you want yes I would give Harvey and Holly a raw carrot after the morning walk I did not cut it up Harvey loved them with dirt on straight out of the ground

  • I am sure apples are ok my dogs have eaten them for years,I dont give the pips or core,grapes and chocolate are a No No. And some plants are to.😱

  • How about the Apple skin? Thanks for the reply.

  • I always peeled the skin off I do for me just a habit but see how he goes

  • yes cos when they lived wild they carried a knife to peel things didn't they

  • That is good for them,roughage.

  • Hi Redted if that's the case we should encourage Mr M to eat the skin some of the things he comes out with on this site think a bit of roughage would do him good lol

  • Lol. I will not commit myself πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  • I wish he wouldn't lol

  • Just think how bored you would be without his comments,πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  • Yes you are right we do love Mr m but don't tell him he would end up in A&E having that white house prized off his head and the door would have to be made bigger in his new bungalow. He also brings entertainment and light hearted laughter which we all need with this illness we all suffer this site would be boring without him and his Nan of course this site is much brighter with him

  • are you feeling ill sound very much like you are being nice I get very nerves when your being nice ,

  • this is the site where some are in control and men are nervous 😁

  • And I think he is pretty good at D I Y too,so the doors wont be a problem πŸ˜„

  • At least it would keep him busy we could stick our feet up instead of keeping one eye on him lol

  • velvet has her feet up enough on that chair

  • I think its always best to know whats going on,I dont like surprises.😱

  • Waite till Christmas he is full of surprises and when he has been on the meth's with his mate he's even worse lol

  • he not been round much lately

  • have you run out of meth's

  • most women don't miss a thing ,

  • Yes I remember reading about that episode, so funny.πŸ˜€

  • And we have more to come but it brightens up the long winter nights, this year I will have a tree off watch him take a picture of the tree in London and pass it off as his own bless him

  • Yeah,that sounds about right,then he will travel to find the most decorated house,with crowds of people outside and say they have come to see his decorations ,πŸ˜„ We shouldn't be giving him idea's, 😳

  • no your right his head is full off them I'm sure he sits in that white house rubbing his hands and saying to himself" what can I say to Velvet to get her off her recliner or what will get onamission going, what he doesn't realise is women are always right and he will never get away with anything lol

  • no wont get away with anything with you about pokeing your beak in , I lay some of the blame your hubby he didn't get you trained right when he first married you to soft with you

  • have you been to the Β£ shop and stocked up on gob oil my old man and I have a perfect relationship I tell him everything he needs to know he would go a long way to find someone as intelligent, patient and perfect as me he is very lucky. 😁

  • did you not see my magnificent tree I put up last Christmas and out side light , every one was speechless when they see the pic ,

  • we will be having a tree and Christmas cake bake off this year

  • you will win the cake one as I don't make one , dawn don't like fruit cake our youngest isn't to keen so only me eat it so normally just buy a small one ,

  • you will be able to hide it under that splendid tree πŸŽ„

  • Women have a second sense and know when sonething is brewing,so it means we are always one step ahead.πŸ˜€

  • If you ever feel the need to take the whip please be my guest sounds like you have his card marked πŸ˜†

  • you and that whip im sure your a bit kinky

  • every women has a whip a Doctor would call ita tongue πŸ‘…

  • No need for chastisment he is a pussy cat 😺

  • we have been a bit hard on him lately but we love it πŸ˜†

  • yes I am to soft for my own good

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