A lovely 24 hours,

A lovely 24 hours,

What a lovely 24hours I've had ,,,met Lois ( our GD ) from school due to the heavy rain ,and she said nanny can I come over for a sleep over ,,,,,oooohhhh yes of course you can ,,,,so after a nice chicken dinner ,and a chat about her friends and school work and hearing all about the German test she had done this week ,,,,and the science and history project and presentation she has got to do this week ,,( all of which went over my head ) but I think I nodded and smiled in the right places,,haha,,,,then it was time for a shower etc ,,,,and a I enjoyed a bit of pampering ,,,,a nice foot massage and nails painted ,,,,and a face mask that she had pleasure in peeling off haha,,,,,then a nice chat and hot chocolate in bed ,then zzzzzzzzzzz, after breakfast in bed ( thanks hubby ) I wondered what was taking Lois so long to get ready ,,,,,to my surprise she had done the ironing for me ,,,bless ,,,,,,,later Lois and I went into town for a bit of retail therapy ,,,,and a nice pot of tea and cakes, I have had a wonderful 24 hours ,,,,,but I'm shattered,,,, so feet up now as Lois has gone home ,,,,,most enjoyable time spent with the best Grandaughter in the world ,,,,,,,,

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So very pleased for you. What a joy. They are just magic, grandchildren, aren't they?

I think about mine and I don't care what happens to me.


K xxxx

Definitely a perfect day . She sounds like a very special little girl.

How lovely, no grandchildren myself so can only imagine how wonderful this was. xxxx

sounds like you had a lovely time , breakfast in bed he don't half spoil you when I think its time for dawn to get up i make her a cuppa then shout through as loud as I can tea in kitchen , I should think if lois ate that lot that's on the table she was bouncing of the celling by the time she got home ,

Such a great time you had with your granddaughter!

Awww Nanny what a lovely post and picture of your Granddaughter! Sounds like a wonderful busy time! Grandchildren are heaven sent! I think you should take it easy now!😁 huff xxx

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