Bronchectasis/post nasal drip

Hi everyone some of you will have seen my posts re the horrendous amount of mucus I bring up on a daily basis pints of the stuff !! I've had some really sound and appreciated advice but there are a couple of questions I want to ask and I know there are a lot of people on here really knowledgeable, I'm seeing my consultant tomorrow so I am going in hard haha.

Q1 my respitory team say they don't think !! The mucus is coming from my lung as it doesn't show on X-ray ?

I have always said it feels like it's coming from the back of my nose and throat I don't just mean a small amount pints !, it gets stuck in my main airway/stomach and bottom of my lung then I spend some days hours wretching it out with an occasional cough once I start it thankfully flows out otherwise I wouldn't be writing this I would have choked !!

Q2 if the mucus is coming from PND why and where is the mucus coming from n why is it making so much ? I have been to see ent consultant who after examination said my nose seemed OK , reflux exam revealed only a little ?? Nothing to concern myself with ,dohhhh

So it's the whys and wherefore so I'm seeking I will heal myself it just seems as if they just accept its part of it and that's that, I'm not exaggerating peeps sometimes it is literally pints over a 7 hour periods on and very brief offs, really appreciate any thoughts.

Take care Carol xx

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  • I read somewhere that we all produce 2 litres of a mucus everyday, it keeps our eyes mouths, nostrils and other body parts properly lubricated. However when you're constantly coughing up thick horrible mucus it gets very wearing. I had the same problem after having surgery on my oesophagus, it gradually improved but I still have a bit of a problem with pnd. ive recently started to use hazelnut milk in place of cows milk on my cereal and there's been some improvement - I still get some mucus but it seems to be thinner and easier to get rid of, so it's less of a problem. I haven't cut out any other dairy products, though I have cut down on cream and yoghurt. I still use ordinary milk in my tea because hazelnut milk has a very distinctive flavour to it. It's rather nice as a cold drink actually. It might be worth trying out - almost anything's worth trying if it reduces that horrible mucus. Good luck.

  • Hi magpuss thanks for responding the hazelnut milk I would enjoy so il give it a go, it's such a disabilitating thing retching every hour !! Can't believe I'm still battling with the thing but hey ho il keep battling 😥 Take care Carol .

  • Hi this might help sounds like your producing normal amounts tho.

    If you have lung dieases some people can have trouble with flap in throat that covers stomach when you breath and lungs when you eat.

    Could be sluggish do you find you choke when eating

  • Hi jeffthanks for the reply and link but I can't see from the link what I'm supposed to look at , or maybe I'm a bit dumb haha,

  • Q:

    How much saliva do people swallow per day?



    According to WebMD, the human body makes around 2 to 4 pints of saliva a day. A person also swallows that amount of saliva per day. KNOW MORE


    How much saliva is produced in a day?

    How many pints of water should you drink per day?

    What is the normal frequency of urination?


    Saliva is the clear liquid produced by the glands in the mouth. The body produces and swallows saliva for various important reasons. Mostly composed of water, saliva performs functions that help keep the body healthy. Some of the important functions of saliva listed by WebMD are keeping the mouth moist, fighting germs in the mouth, and preventing tooth decay, bad breath and gum disease.

    According to WebMD, there are conditions that can affect the amount of saliva a person produces. A dry mouth is a condition where too little saliva is produced. This can be caused by dehydration, smoking, chemotherapy and certain diseases such as HIV and diabetes.

    The Mayo Clinic also presents a condition where excessive saliva is produced in the mouth. This can be caused by mouth or throat infections, ill-fitting dentures, certain medications, stomatitis and pregnancy. If the condition becomes persistent and bothersome, the Mayo Clinic recommends scheduling a doctor’s visit.

  • I suffer from the same dreadful symptoms. I seem to get flare ups that can last months, where I cough up huge amounts of mucus, day and night. It's exhausting. In bed at night I'm like spit the dog lol. The amount of loo roll I go through is unbelievable. ( boxes of tissues are useless to me .)

    My last bout started in November and only stopped about 3 weeks ago.

    I've never had any scans or anything, just the usual nasal spray and antihestimines.

    The only treatment that seemed to work, was for acid reflux and meant having my 30mg daily dose of Lanzarapole doubled along with Gaviscon 4 times a day, for a month.

    Only, this time, it did calm it down a bit, it didn't halt it completely, like before so, I was sent for counselling for stress/depression, which the Doctor said can cause it.

    I've been going for 5 weeks now and it has now finally settled right back down so, I'm not certain which one of the treatments has done it. Maybe it was both, either way, I'm just glad it's better.

    I feel really sorry for anyone suffering from this tiring and embarrassing affliction because it really grinds you down.

    Maybe you could ask your GP to try you on a course of the same medication, just in case it is stomach acid. It's got to be worth try. xx

  • Hi Casper sincere thanks for responding at least I know I'm not the only one so yes I am going to try your meds cos I've had them but only 20mg a day which didn't do much good, I've been like this for 4 years but the last 2 years its relentless every day, I can't do anything and I am losing my zest for life which I know is wrong of me because if one thing this disease has learnt me is life is precious so il keep on battling . Thanks take care Carol xx

  • I have Bronchiectasis and PND is the same as yourself. Whatever meds I'm on none touch it. I've even snorted warm water which is not nice but gives temp relief.

  • Hi Armadillo, yes I snort warm water n salt too when I do it pours out gross n so unfair you would think once done it's done but two hours later even more thanks for reply really appreciate it, this awful disease makes us turn into hermits I try and be positive though most of the time 😡😓😀 take care, Carol.

  • Hi carol,

    I have had bronchiectasis for 63 years and what you describe sounds typical of the condition. That has been my life, masses of it which I have to get out every day whilst leading a normal life. I would suggest that you find a consultant who specialises in bronchiectasis and insist that your GP sends you. Have they done tests to find out which bacteria is in there? Post nasal drip isn't usually capable of producing so much mucus but can complicate the picture because most people with bronchiectasis can have it alongside the condition.

  • Hi still standing, I'm going to ask my gp if she will refer me to a consultant in broncheatasis last time I asked they said there isn't really a broncheatasis consultant, I would willingly pay private so ruining what life I have, thanks take care xx carol

  • Look on the internet at your local hospitals to see if you have a respiratory consultant with an interest in bronch close by. If not, start looking at the big teaching hospitals or The Brompton in London. I don't know where you live but The QE in Birmingham, Leicester and Newcastle have specialised bronch clinics and there are probably some more. You are entitled to go to them for their expertise in your condition if you are willing to travel. Good luck I do hope that you get the right help because you aren't getting it now.

  • By the way, paying privately doesn't usually help with bronch. Most of the specialists in it don't do private work and those who do take private patients. practice in the NHS also. If you find one in your area it may be a way into getting good NHS treatment for bronchiectasis. Beware the private respiratory consultants who will lead you to believe that they know about bronchiectasis but are only general physicians.

  • Hi still standing thanks for all the info I'm going to have a chat with one of my gps she's younger than my other doc she is more switched on lol, once again many thanks Carol x

  • Hi. I can't answer your question but I can say I don't make so much since cutting right back on dairy products. I also take an anti histamine at night because the stuff I read up on sounded like I had allergic rhinitis. Might be worth you looking at the symptoms to see if they fit with what is happening to you. Take care.

  • Thanks rays wife, I've tried both but neither seem to make much difference thanks xx

  • Do you use a flutter? then huff - it really helps. Better to get the mucus up than let it sit and get infected. Good luck :)

  • Yes I do Louisiana but I don't seem to need it it literally comes up as if I'm being sick 🤑🤑gross disease xx thanks

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