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Hi guys, I'm taking my mum on holiday in September to Tenerife for 9 nights and was wondering if anyone had found a decent insurance company who didn't charge through the nose? The best quote I've found so far is Saga for £611. Any advice or points in the right direction would be fab. We saw her consultant today and he was more clueless than me when it came to insurance ha! He's pointed us toweds the oxygen nurses for recommendations which I will follow up, but I thought the best place to ask would be you lovely lot. Thanks in advance :)

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  • Look over to your left - there is a Pinned Post relating to travel insurance.

  • Or even right lol

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  • Hi Barmanfa, I printed off a list that HU sent a few days ago, that sounds awfully dear for Tennereffe. Best to compare.

  • Hi, I did a lot of research and I took it with advanti the best quote I had, saga was double that ! If u have been in hospital in the last 12 months or on oxygen it's going to be expensive. If your clear of hospitalisation it can come down by as much as a half. I was in hospital and not on oxygen and I paid £1000 for worldwide cover for a year for me and hubby. Half the insurance companies didn't want to know if I had been in hospital. It makes a huge difference. You must be honest with them and keep them informed of any changes after you have taken it out or they won't pay out in a claim. They do checks. I travel to USA a lot so £500 for me, was not that bad. Do shop around my worst quote was £ 3500. But having said that America is always very expensive. Hope this helps.

  • Look on the web site payingtomuch found them quite cheap Sarga are normally quite expensive. Hope that helps I have a lung condition, and it only cost me £336 for two weeks.

  • Thanks, i got £452 off them. Still searching for the best deal i can find but this is the most promising one

  • Thanks everyone for your advice, after trolling sites and numerous calls the cheapest i've been able to find with just basic medical cover was with AllClear Gold at £437. Looking like this is going to be my best shot.

    Thanks again for all the recommendations :)

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