A brilliant idea

Just taken my wheeze to the surgery and come away with a log book. No, really - a genius idea in North Norfolk CCG. Its a booklet designed to guide the patient and medics in both self-treatment, disease management and emergency care. Well written, very clear, easy to use 'traffic light' warning process. Slight downside is need to carry it with you but hey, the alternative could be unthinkable! Many thanks to Nurse Practiitioner Valerie and her colleagues.

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  • Do you know...that could be a good idea! If it also contained a list of your medications, etc, from your consultant (and renewals) it would save arguments and prescriptions from GP...just a stamp from the chemist. Useful if you were away from home...maybe even abroad.

    Tee x

  • I think it sounds a great idea! All your info in one place for both you and your medics :)

  • They are really good had one since first being diagnosed with COPD. And it gets up dated every year at yearly review x

  • Sounds like something All GPs should adopt, I would certainly love one.

  • They've had these for asthma for many years, called an Action Plan..they're great but if you change meds a lot you have to remember to change your plan!

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