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hi all,on top of stage 3 severe copd with bronchiectasis right lower lobe removed. I now have paroxysmal atrial fibrillation that is not responding to the drugs.

been advised to test my sat blood pressure fev1which is 250 bp is 122/55 pulse 58 and

sats of 98/66 any ideas would be welcome with the tachycardia and shortness of breath I feel rough, a and e cant do much as sats are high

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sorry but not good with the numbers bit, someone will come along soon who may be able to help. take care x

cheers diesel 12 thanks

Hi squady just wanted to say hello to you and sorry to hear you are not doing so great. I am rubbish with numbers but always find it strange how sats can be so good even when you don't feel great. Pete is the same sometimes.

I hope you get the help you need and just want to wish you well. Take care.xxx

hi sassy59 and pete thanks for the reply it took me ages to find the answer to feeling lousy and have high sats mine is 98 this morning ,but pulse hit 105 and I got puffey just walking 12 paces to the toilet, but that is atrial fibrillation for you and stage 3 copd

give pete my regards and thanks again for the reply

Hi, I have severe emphysema and atrial fibrillation also. Ask your doctor to refer you to a cardiologist and see if you are suitable for a cardiac ablation. It is a procedure done under sedation and normally means an overnight stay in hospital. It doesn't always work first time but they can keep doing it until it does. Hope this is of some help.

thanks for the reply, my doctors got in touch with the hospital to bring my ablation meeting forward as the drugs are not helpng, they even increased the dosage dont fancy two three or four ablations as some peeps on the web have had to have

I'm 74 now with stage 3 severe copd half a lung has been removed I dd say i felt an ablation with a heart pacemaker or some such thing would mean a one or two night stay in hospital. and that would be dealt with with the problem once and for all

I was told that a pacemaker was out of the question. OK for a slow heartbeat but not a fast one. I have had three ablations. The previous two lasted nine months each and they say that there is a 96% success rate on the third so I am hoping for the best.

I hope it works out for you did they mention the other type of controller if I have to go for an ablation so be it

I'm sorry I can't help you Sassy, but please accept my sympathy for the way you are feeling. Hope someone in the med prof can help you a.s.s.p.

hi sherry I don't know if this is for me or sassy f me thanks for the reply s sweet of you

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