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BLF & Website Memorial For Past Members.

I don't know how others feel BUT I think BLF should have gif image on there site of a twinkling star that reflects contribution members have made who are sadly gone.

As a lot will know BLF & HealthUnlocked as played a big part in people's life's filling gaps when it comes to healthcare & social isolation.

I think it would be a great idea .. Those who have contributed by what ever means to be acknowledged in one form or other ... being part of a community should not be a thankless task.

Call it a acknowledgment, memorial, or just respectfull.

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That's a lovely idea. I really miss KOTC and Lynne and that's just those off the top of my head. it would be nice to have something to remember them by, they were such positive posters and KOTC was a lovely man and sorely missed. xx


Hi Casper99 i think its great idea myself .. Lost loads frinds myself on here too.

The all did there bit to carry blf tourch foreard.


That sounds like a very good idea to me, I have fond memories of several members as I have been on the site since before it became healthunlocked


Hi Katieoxo60 could not agree with you more .. I to remember when BLF had own site.

Like you say about past members & contributions WOULD be nice as we are a " community " more than just a resource I think


Yes we are all friends together, sharing the good moments as well as the bad and not always just health issues. Suppose our moderators might be able to come up with a rememberance page, because many of the losses are due to lung conditions other than that we can only post ourselves like we do for birthdays. I to remember KOTC and his lady wife they came from Nottingham he was full of jokes right to the very end.

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Last few years have taken the toll on members as we are all to aware.

Personal i think page might be tad much i think something visible a image would be nice.

And it would show that the contributions have not been left un noticed.

Like maybe a star as you suggested , or flower like marie curie does, or a different colour balloon. Just a couple of ideas

Nice idea to have something to remember those that have passed. I have fond memories of Libby7827 who used to make me laugh as well as KOTC of course and Libbygood. xxx

lovely idea xxx

Nice idea........

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