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Im 69 and I had pneumonia and flu in January 2015 ,I was in icu and lost 2days,was in hospital 3weeks but I'm still out of breath ??????? I've since had X-rays but thankfully they were clear,,I have other things t2 ,diabetes,irregular heartbeat ,high blood pressure,arthritis ,but this breathlessness is getting me down,

Has anyone had a similar problem 😡😡

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Hello Lynda, a very warm welcome to you. Sorry to hear your sob.

Could it be an infection?

You never mentioned what lung condition you have, there are many members with various different conditions that someone might be able to recognise your symptoms.

Hope you get some advice soon. 🌹


Good morning Lynda,

Sound advice from Jessy, and hopefully there may be more who can help get it sorted.



Hello Lynda, I'm sorry about your breathlessness too.

Has this really been going on since January last year?? Have you spoken to any doctors about it? Your x-rays were clear which is good, but have you had any breathing tests done?

There are conditions other than lung problems which can make people breathless, but as Jessy11 says someone may be along soon who recognises your symptoms.

If it's getting you down that's not good and maybe you should see your doctor and get a bit of help. Good luck. x


Hi Lynda sorry I can't help, but you could try ringing the help line on Monday they are very good, just click on the red balloon at the top. Xx

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I've had Pneumonia twice I was only in hospital for a couple of days, so you obviously had it far worse than me. But it still took me months to get back to normal, I know it seems like you won't get better but its a gradual thing.

Good luck

Kim xx


Hi Lynda, sorry you are having a lousy time. Shortness of breath is something we can all identify with. Have you had any tests? Have you a consultant? I was in a similar position to you 5 years ago and could not understand why I was going down hill so fast and nothing was showing up on the tests. My GP was similarly puzzled. I paid privately in the end to see my consultant asap as I could no longer walk without feeling dizzy and very weak (my husband thought he was going to lose me). I was put back on the consultants priority list and after 2 or 3 further bouts of pneumonia the consultant still could not work out why this was happening. He decide to begin the tests again as in his words "we have missed something". He was right and within weeks a diagnosis of bronchiectasis was made. I was in shock as I had never heard of it but all was not lost. Bronchiectasis cannot be cured, however, it can be controlled as many people on this site are testament to. My advice to you is to keep on asking for help until a diagnosis is made. I believe if I had just gone home and accepted the awful way I was feeling it would have been many more months before I was diagnosed. The shortness of breath could be many different things, but I believe you are better knowing what is wrong and that you will receive the correct care than just trying to be brave and carrying on. If you have any more questions, please ask, there are many of us on this site, and many will have been through what you are going through. Take care, good luck and let us know how you get on. Maximonkey


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