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Travel Insurance


Is there anyone out there who could recommend travel insurance for my 21 year old daughter who is travelling to USA at the end of the year, she has Asthma and was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis at the end of last year.  They are all coming up very expensive but I know she cannot travel without it (£250 ish for 5 nights).

So was wondering any of you good people could give advise on travel insurance companies (always used insure and go before)

Thanks in advance :)

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That seems ridiculously expensive. I have had Bronch all of my life and have never paid more than a £20 loading. Sometimes they don't charge extra, especially if you have not been hospitalised in the last six months and the conditions are under control with medication.. I have used all of the usual ones, Insure and Go, Liverpool Victoria. Somebody on here may have a good one. I just suggest that you keep trying until you find a reasonable price. Good luck.

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If you are in UK, try this comparison site:



Hi if you type travel insurance in the search box at the top you will see loads of discussions about it.  x


Insurance to the USA seems to always been costly if even you are well. I hope that you can come up with a much better price and wish you good luck. xxxx


Go to a travel gocompare site.  Choose the pre-existing conditions and fill it in.  I went to New York 4 years ago and it was £250 for 14 days but I now know I could have got it cheaper.


Try Aviva my daughter grand daughter and myself went to California Feb. My grand daughter has severe asthma I have severe indegestion and ibs. It was £60 for all of us for 10days.  Hope this is helpful


Hi Maisie, I use Able2Travel.  They are not cheap for Europe and I guess USA will be much more, but try them anyway.  Your daughter is young and I would expect her to get a more reasonable priced insurance than us pensioners.  Good luck and I hope your daughter has a brilliant holiday.  Maximonkey


Read your policy carefully in case you need care in the US. Vastly different charges can be incurred for the same treatment depending on where it is given.  "Emergency Rooms" some attached to hospitals and some "freestanding" (Denver even has one in a shopping mall) - are plentiful and compete with one another but charge horrendously (say $5,000 and up, bills larger than $10,000 seem to be common) for the simplest service. Then there are "Urgent Cares", which charge much less (maybe $200) but in our area there are not many and hours are limited. Some retail establishments such as large grocery chains, Walgreens, Walmart,  have mini clinics that will treat minor wounds and illnesses for a reasonable amount but not always open. It is a very confusing setup for residents;  I hate to think how a visitor would fare. See if you can determine that ER care is totally covered; at times it is the only option, but unless you are absolutely sure of your coverage, avoid ERs if you possibly can. This situation has chaged dramatically in the past few years and many have been caught in huge bills even with insurance. 

This situation is so silly that if I google "Urgent Care" what comes up is emergency room advertisements, complete with wait times. 

Take care - Nancy


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