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Cystic Fibrosis

This blog mentions cystic fibrosis specifically but has implications for other lung diseases claiming PIP samedifference1.com/2016/05...

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that is terrible! I wasn't asked to do a peak flow test but would have refused. That was definitely not hygeinic. They are testing how the condition affects the life of the applicant, not supposed to be assessing this from any one medical test done by someone with no knowledge of how to interpret them. Anyone with the vaguest of knowledge about lung problems will know that a person whose peak flow is higher than someone else's can be more breathless and have less energy due to other features of their condition.

Well done the cystics! We have to stamp out this bullying nonsense.


Share the information as widely as possible amongst the affected, knowledge is powerful against poor standards of medical assessment.


Would be interested to know whether any other patients with various lung diseases are, or have been asked to perform a Peak Flow test. It's about 6 years since my DLA interview in Plymouth, where the 'nurse' interviewing me said "I need you to do a spirometry test for me"  as she handed me a Peak Flow meter! She too stunk of stale cigarettes. I expect to be called in for my PIP assessment sometime this year - will be curious to see whether they get the Peak Flow meter out again - and if CF patients no longer have to do one, I see no reason why COPD patients should either - or any lung patient with any type of lung disease other than Asthma - which is what the Peak Flow test was meant to be for.

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Peak flow only has any value for self assessment anyone wanting a low reading simply does not give their all when blowing. Pointless test that should be stopped for all lung health assessments.

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