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ct scan for lung nodules

when i went to visit pulmonologist with my mom her appointment, i said i guess my chest xray is ok, i did not hear from anyone. the nurse told dr. and before i knew it he was checking me, too. both of us. he said after 2 years everything ok. now, concern over slightly larger lung nodule and i need a ct scan, he can't see it on chest xray. he wants to make sure everything is ok. surprise..........if i didn't mention this i guess i wouldn't know it. the primary dr stated last month i had slight increase in lung nodules but look benign refer to pulmonologist. well, i gave my disc of chest xray, and i didn't hear from them until today when i asked about it. i am so upset. pray everything is ok with me. thank you. i would like to hear from others with these issues. thanks all.

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I have a 14mm lung nodule, I was monitored 2 year for 2 years all clear now. 


Hi 🌷

Sorry to hear you are worried and l hope, after further investigations, they will get you sorted and put your mind at rest.

I don't have the same problems as you, but l do know from experience, that you need to check and double check the results of any investigation you have done, as communication between  different Medicss involved with you can be abysmal.

I wish you good luck and sending you love and hugs 🌷

Velvet xx

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Hi. Things do get missed in busy clinics especially when you see different doctors.  Experience has taught me to make a list of things to ask about e,g. Scans, blood tests etc.  I am going next month for result of new scan on lung nodule.  I am hoping there has been no change ( trying not to think about it too much!)  good luck with your tests.  All the best.


I had a chest x-ray,  when I had a car accident, maybe 4 yrs. ago. Got a letter that I had a nodule, that wasn't there before. They followed it with ct scans every so many months. Turned out it was lung cancer. Very small. Had it removed. Most are not cancer. Don't want to scare you. I truly believe  a chest x-ray should be part of a yearly physical.  Good luck to you.😊 Let us know how you make out.😊 Rubyxx 😊


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