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Living With Copd

I was diagnosed with Emphysema about 14 years ago. I am still fairly active but have to be more patient.  I have heard of a new drug called Stiolto Respimat which is a once a day dual inhaler which apparently is a great improvement on what I use just now, Symbicort and Spiriva. The new drug is also steroid free and available on the NHS. I wonder if anyone is using it and if so do they find it an improvement.

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I'm on my second month of taking Spiolto respimat, as instructed by the consultant.  I had previously been on atrovent 4 times daily.  For me it's been like getting some of my old life back. Since being on it I haven't had to take my ventolin at all and I can regularly walk my dogs, and I can walk faster.  So far there have been no side effects.  It's a laba/lama mist inhaler and I think works out cheaper for the NHS.  If you can get it maybe you should try it.  Good luck


Sorry if this is a stupid question, but it's not the same as Spiriva Respimat is it ? I've wondered of it was a variation on it or something.


Same company makes them but spiriva only has one medication in it whereas the Spiolto has a mixture of 2 different drugs can't remember what they are now but I'll find the leaflet in the morning and tell you then if that's ok 

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Hi Just done a bit of reading about this.  It only seems to be for copd and doesn't mention other lung diseases,  isn't suitable for asthmatics as long term effects haven't been studied,  and not for use as a reliever.

Apart from that it does look good.  x


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