Of late I have been absolutely tired like never before. I just want to go to bed. I sleep about 8 hours and wake up shattered. If I go somewhere I just feel like sleeping. 

This all started after I had a really bad bout of aches and pains all over .... this was like never before and I could hardly walk downstairs.

I really do try and keep fit by walking and am not over weight. 

I have looked my symptoms up on Dr. Google and noted that one symptom I have but thought nothing of was my (recent onset) to recall words or short term memories.  I still have a super duper memory (long term)

I have been on Seroquel for years this hasn't affected me...

I've come up with chronic fatigue syndrome... Thoughts???

Ta very much

David... (back to bed) 

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  • Davy, have you had a look at

    It can help rule out one option

    Good luck


  • Could well be that David but it seems hard to diagnose. Have you seen your GP lately? I would get an appointment asap. Take care Xxx 

  • Sleep aopnea?  x

  • I was thinking sleep apnea if you are getting 8 hours sleep a night, I looked it up also as I feel tired all the time but get a good nights sleep, or so I think? My husband says my snoring and breathing at night is awful

  • Look up sleep apnea on this BLF site. When it comes up there's a little video clip showing what happens with this complaint plus a very good explanation. 

    best go to the doc though, that's what they're there for. A correct diagnosis could change your quality of life completely. Good luck. P

  • Sounds to me like you should get checked for Sleep Apnoea. 

    Good luck 


  • David it would do no harm  to ask your GP to do an Autoimmune screening blood test.  Your symptoms, aches and pains, brain fog, extreme fatigue could be suggestive of autoimmune conditions.  Just a thought. 


  • I have been recently dx with autoimmune disorders. And don't sleep very well.  I also have OA and was referred to rhumetolagy clinic because I was getting pain in most of my joints. And was dx with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. I try not to sleep during the day. As just sleeping for 30 mins would keep me up to 3 o 4 in the morning. I would ask for a referral. . 

  • Good morning David,

    Some very helpful advice on here.    Certainly you can have too much sleep - it gives you brain fog alright!

    Let us know how you get on?

  • I am exactly the same I seem to run on adrenaline as am so tired most of the time I know its not good for me in the long run, I have told doctors and my COPD nurse and they just say oh so your tired must be viral

  • Hi, yes do get checked for autoimmune conditions, I have these symptoms also GP referred me to rhumatologist and they carried out lots of blood tests last week, some days I can't go to work and sleep for hours during the day despite sleeping over 8 hrs at night, it's worth checking out 😀

    Heidi x 

  • Hi David,

    For many years I struggled with fatigue and just wanted to sleep all the time. I also had joint pain and thought I was developing arthritis. It turned out to be a wheat allergy. As soon as I cut wheat out of my diet, my energy came back and the aches and pains disappeared. These days I am back to being tired due to my IPF but if I eat wheat, the aches and pains return. It's certainly worth exploring whether your problems are being caused by an allergy. 

    Best Wishes,


  • It could be fibromigia and a bit of ME

  • Thank you so much everyone. I saw my GP which wasn't much use. SO... I decided to stop taking Loratadine and Montelukast .. I am now not so knackered all the time :) I will ask for some of the checks mentioned when I see the asthma nurse this week

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