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Hi everyone, I have been in reciept of Disability Living allowance for quite a few years, I get low rate care and high rate Mobility. I was diagnosed with COPD when I was aged 30 I'm now 49. I also battle 32 other health problems and for one of my conditions (Avascular Necrosis) of my jaw joints I underwent Bilateral Jaw Joint Replacement surgery in March 2015. My lung function is now down to 42% and classed as being stage III Emphysema and I was lucky enough to have got through the 6 hour surgery for my jaw joints. 

I am now changing over to PIP from DLA and I would like to know if there is anyway I can get help to complete my PIP form. 

Thank you for reading x

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  • Yes definitely and you really should get help with it from a benefits expert.  I am in this process at the moment and have been waiting quite a long time for a decision.  I have found Welfare Rights to be excellent - they fill in these forms day in day out but not all councils still have WR.  You would also get help from experts in the field from CAB and DIAL.  They are overloaded with work (surprise surprise) and so it would be best for you to telephone them for an appointment as soon as poss.  My 'expert' asked me to telephone DWP and ask for an extension, which they allowed and usually do but it is important to be advised by whichever 'expert' you decide on.

    Like DWP it decisions are not made on what conditions you have but on the care needed and the effect it has on your mobility.  As you are already getting DLA you have already proved you have difficulty walking more than 50m without discomfort but they have, as you will probably know, changed the goal posts to 20m.

    Before I went I typed out my own answers and the 'expert' I saw has put this in with my application as he said he couldn't do better himself.  Well actually he did write quite a lot after questioning me and it's stuff I take for granted is how my life is which I now consider normal and therefore would not have put it it.  They add up your points as they go.  I am 1 point away by his reckoning away from high care and 1 point away from high mobility.  However, in both areas they can scory me 0 or 2, so if the decision make scores me 0 I will have to appeal.

    It is still stressful but believe me if you get help it will take a lot of pressure away from you.

    Good luck.


  • A great reply cof drop. I can't add any more except to say familiarise yourself with what they require and make your answers fit that. 

  • Thank you all so very much, I will get in contact with my social housing landlord as they have people who help with Benefit forms ect. It's great to know you guys are here to talk with and help. I will definitely seek assistance with the forms. I will let you guys know of my outcome. I wish all those who are also going through this nightmare a happy outcome. 

    Again thank you all xx

  • Great reply from cof so good luck to you. Xxx 

  • Thank you x

  • Hi, 

    It is worth going onto the website work and benefits as they have lots of information and advice. They also have guides which help you to fill in the forms. If you become a member (£15 annually) you can access the members guides which will help you immensely.

    I found the site immensely helpful when completing my form. The main aspect is to apply how your condition actually affects you in your activities of daily living.

    Good luck

  • Thank you x

  • I got The CAB to fill my form in and was awarded it. As they do this nearly every day and know the right words to use. Good luck x

  • Thank you I will also approach them x

  • Hi Mutt1, some cities have law centers who can help, and some charities help too with filling in forms. Age UK can help the over fifties. Good luck with it.

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