The legend Prince is dead

Can't tell you how gutted I am to hear that my idol Prince is no longer with us. Sadly lots of people have no idea just what a genius he was, luckily me & my family did having seen him performing live for many years & have his truly amazing music to listen to.  Yesterday was bad enough hearing about Victoria Wood my fav comedy icons - wow what a year so far. just tisn't fair,  they were far too young :( life is sh*t bah!!! 

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  • You're  right, he was a total genius. Sad loss to the world of music 😢

  • It's pants at the moment, getting so I'm scared to look at the news and I know that's shallow with everything else that is going on, but these people were part of my youth and good memories

  • Oww bless, I totally get you , it's just bl00dy crap that some undeserving folk live longer than others

  • Hi I loved Prince and saw him live back in the 80's  He was a genius no doubt about it.  Wonder what he died of?   x

  • He was a genius, gutted too. X

  • I saw Prince live and have to say it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. He was a true showman and exceptionally talented. A sad loss 😔😔

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