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I visited my local hospital yesterday and found they had installed new parking ticket machines so now you have to enter your car registration number before you buy our ticket I can only imagine they have done this as before if there was any time left on the ticket I would give it to someone else coming into the car park and was once warned that this was an offence by traffic warden this is not just the hospital but all the council car parks  so I can only conclude that the council has spent a lot of money replacing perfectly good ticket machines to stop people giving there tickets to some other person when there maybe time left on it as the reg number is different  just to make a few more pounds from the motorist the trouble is this pettiness thinking starts from the top of government down through all facets of government run organisations  

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  • Sigh...............they cottoned on to this some years ago here, what spiteful nasty people they are - it must have taken a whole brain cell to work that one out.

    Maybe not in the same league of our local Hospitals was demolished a few years ago and the sizeable plot of land, after lying fallow for a year or two, was turned into a very expensively furnished car park for Clowncil employees only.  The fact that to use the car park and then get to work at the Clowncil offices entails a hefty walk, or a bus ride, ensures that seeing a car on this car park is as rare as hens teeth and really is quite a conundrum to simple me, unless I am missing the point.


  • One WHOLE 'working' brain cell Jennifer? Where in the land of officialdom would you find one of those d'ya think?

  • Argh!  Sorry - a big mistake!!!

  • It is very petty rememdium and there is a car park like that in Worthing, but not the hospital. We avoid it like the plague as there is always a queue because people don't always know what to do. Not nice to have that at a hospital. Very mean spirited. xxx

  • Be grateful, sassy!!  Worthing is pure bliss compared to Brighton and Hove 😡

    Tee xx

  • I have noticed this myself as I was parked near car pack in town waiting for my wife while she went and did some shopping and there seemed to be 3 waiting in the pouring rain at any one time at 2 machines I parked outside of the park on yellow lines as there is no roads near town without yellow line not causing any obstruction all our five car parks are the same in South Shields

  • I come from South Shields too !     

  • problem  all the time parking anywhere if no blue badge with yellow lines so have to walk some distance to any where

  • When did they get cars in South Shields? Last time I was there it was horse drawn carriages, or walk.:))

  • I can never remember my registration number so I write it down.....then I forget my reading glasses so I can't see the numbers and letters on the ticket machine ...what fun! 

  • seems to me that council departmental managers and Councillors think they are not doing there jobs if they are not creating  inconvenience and interference in the daily lives of the people they represent  in fact this seems to be the ethos of the whole systems big brother is here and now

  • I went to the hospital yesterday and this morning, the disabled car park is taken up with the machinery for the road works, in there you can pay on the way out.  I then found a disabled bay where you have to pay before you go in, so you have to guess how long you are going to be.  Today cost me £3 for one hour it should have been £2.75 but I had no change so they give you a ticket to take to the office to get the 25p back if you want to hang around that long.

    I don't mind paying but don't like being ripped off.

    take care

    polly xx

  • Well my local hosital charges a fortune to use their car parks.   They have quite a few but they are all up or down  big hills and some of them are quite a long way away.  Not much good for anyone who is ill.   When my sister took my mum for hospital appointments I had to go as well,  as my mum was very frail.  She would drop us off at the right door then we waited around 10 minutes for her to come puffing up.  x

  • My mom has been in hospital two weeks three days, My sister and I have been taking it in turns to visit her. Day one admitted to A&e car park charge Eight pound. After that it has been never less than 3.75 a visit sometimes 4.75. After being told yesterday mom would be in until Friday a phone call was rcd to say coming out today collect by 12pm, as I was out of town this morning my niece went to collect, three and a half hours later mom left,  car park around 6 pound. Moms medication still not ready by the time they left my daughter drove a 60 mile round trip to collect at 6.30pm then deliver to my moms house,  car park charge for her 2.75.  Yes you can buy three day passes but as we were sharing visiting they were of no use.  Also hospital kept changing mind regarding when mom was coming home. When   I did my pulmonary rehab course at the same hospital I was able to buy a special ticket together with a letter supplied by rehab to use for car park I think I paid ten pound and it enabled me 20 ins and outs of car park at any time 7 days a week I think this is also given to patients attending for cancer care.

  • I wonder if we could deduct the time we spend waiting to be seen? 4 hours waiting 10 minutes with the doctor, could save a fortune!

  • it ao bloody ztupid espiecally having to pay on entry whuch is what i have to so if i use the disable parking at my local hospital how the hell do u know how long u going to b espiecally in my caze when i suffer from asthma and broncochesitse nearly evry time i go for check up i end up having xrays blood test so i normaly end up running out of rtime  i when in for a check up october last year ending up staying in a week lucky for me the sister and manger of rhe ward called the car park office and got rhe charges cancelex otherwise i wud have had to find near enough 100 quid it basicaly a rip off 

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