Lung Nodules??

I was diagnosed with COPD about a year ago. I was told that the emphysema is not that bad and I rarely have a cough. I am usually the last one to get sick, if I do at all. I was told about two weeks ago that I have a 7mm nodule on my lower right lung and a couple of 3mm ones as well. The Dr. told me that I shouldn't be worried but all I do is think about it. I go back in 4 months for another scan. Does anyone know much about nodules on your lungs?

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The say ones at top of lung are ones to worry about as most malignancy are there .. 7mm is quite small could be lynth node enlarged threw infection.  

Sorry can't help but if you don't have to go for another scan for 4 months that's a good sign.  Try not to worry too much & stay positive (know it's not always easy)

Hi Shellz                                                    They are keeping  watch on them, to see if they get bigger. Some nodules are harmless. Try not to worry. (Easier said then done)   Rubyxx 😊

If you are in the UK you could ring the BLF nurses for information and advice. They are available during office hours on 03000 030 555.

I've had a 7mm nodule in one lung for some years, and was told by the thoracic consultant that many people have them and they don't cause any problem.  It's probably picked up in us because we have  lung x-rays and scans more frequently than the general population.

Mine hasn't grown in 5 years and it doesn't seem to give me any problem.  The COPD is another matter!

Nodules are common in lungs and are seen in over 40% of all lung CT scans( 60% in ex/smokers ). If they had of warned you that they are likely to find them, you'd have probably worried less... Wouldn't be hard would it?

They will usually do that area specific scan, which is much quicker than your previous one, and measure the nodules at 6 monthly intervals twice, then a couple more times to ensure they are not growing. Usually they are benign.

BTW if you didn't have a cough/don't get sick what symptoms did you have that they needed to do a scan in the first place?

I have been told that I have COPD and I do breathing treatments every 4-6 hrs for shortness of breath. Sometimes I feel as if the treatments do not really work and I'm counting the minutes down before I can do another treatment. So thr doc decided to do a scan. BTW thank you for your input. ☺

Thank you all for your feedback, it truely makes me feel better knowing that they are somewhat common. I guess I'll know more in a few months. 

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