It's good to be alive!

Having been housebound (except hospital appointments and admissions) through infection after infection i went out yesterday! It was only to a coffee morning fund raiser, but the first time I had been out with my oxygen. Friends family and strangers there, no one batted an eyelid! Also walked about 15 yrds without getting too breathless so did not need wheel chair!  Must admit to taking a diazepam before I went but it was well worth it! So to all of you not feeling good, there is hope, I was beginning to despair. Have a great weekend one and all. Love Sheila xx

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Sheilab123 well done you that's a great achievement I'm sure there will be many more outings Kathy x

Thank you Titchy I'm sure there will be! Xx

Very nice to hear Sheila, may it be the start of good things to come - don't forget to take steps to protect against catching bugs, you'll be extra vulnerable for a while IE hand gel.

P x

Thanks Peege, yes I hope so, hand gel at the ready! Xx

Sheila,just green with envy ! Just look how well you did and the silly thing us oxygen users have in our heads about making a spectacle of ourselves, was in fact no problem for you at all. Having some friends and family around always gives us that extra little boost of confidence eh? Fighting off infections after infections takes its toll on our bodies and just like you, I often become housebound until I'm well enough to venture out! But you are definitely on the mend and fresh air does wonders for our general wellbeing. Keep well and keep up with socialising.

A spectacle of ourselves? This afternoon I was talking to an elderly gentleman about a local school for children with difficulties - we agreed that, if it's good enough for Proff. Stephen Hawkins to ride around in a wheelchair then it's good enough for anyone else! We are not "spectacles" but the "chosen few" - anyone wanting to disagree with me it's pistols at dawn! 😄 (but let me get my breath before we start that walk!) 

Loved it Y not! We are indeed the chosen few! Xx

Awe thanks Squirrel, it was family I was nervous about! My sister in laws and families, but now it's done. Yes it was good to get out. Hope your well enough to get out at present? Xx

Thanks for your reply and I'm 100% sure that I'll be back feeling better once my cold has gone. Getting the nerve to go out and socialise may take longer but my PR Classes are my main aim and that's twice a week. So I've got to get my head around going out twice in one week again !!!!! Just how silly is all this eh ?

I get so scared to go out I argue with myself all the time 

It's not silly at all, I think maybe we get sort of institutionised with our lungs! You get to your rehab and I'm sure the socialising will soon follow! I'm quite lucky in a way because I enjoy my own company, though some must think I'm an unsociable sod! Hope your cold clears soon xx

Hello Sheila,

This is great news for you and everyone.  Take everyone's advice about being careful, but I bet you already do that anyway. I am glad you made it without difficulty, so here's to the next time:-)


Thanks Jennifer, not done much today but yesterday more than made up for it! Xx

Good going Sheila, slowly slowly catch the monkey as the saying goes. enjoy :-)  janx

Thanks Granny, that's my hubbies quote! Reclined all day today! Xx

I admire you. Know I am not far away from oxygen. My friend was put on oxygen two months ago. She refuses to leave the house and to be honest I will be just the same. The looks and whispers she finds awful. Take care. x

Whispering is for idiots with insufficient sense to speak out! Ignore them because they are the losers!

Oh Brooke that's so sad, those that mind don't matter, and those that matter don't mind. So tell your friend to get out there with her head held high! Xx

It pay's to just get out there Brooke, I hated oxygen at first cus I couldn't hide the fact that I was i'll. Yes people do stare, especially kids which I find quite amusing.

It soon gets easier I can assure you, sometimes I'll notice someone staring and wonder why and then I remember, oh yes the oxygen back pack. I have a little smile to myself and get on with the important stuff of just living my life.

Don't let the ignorant or just inquisitive people who look and whisper stop you from living your life, its water off a ducks back to me now after 5 years of it and I am just so grateful that oxygen is available to me so I can just get on with living. X 

Very well written,Dall05 !!!! 

Very good advice and well said, Tony.

Tee xx

Delighted to hear that you're able to join the world again Sheila and that you've made your first trip out with the oxy. Hope you continue to improve and put that bad patch behind you.

Thank you so much BJ is does seem strange to be a member of the human race again. Long may it last. Xx

Sheila, I "walk" (using the term very loosely) on the moors of Derbyshire. Stopping every few steps to recover breath enough top continue I'm often accosted by well-meaning people asking if I'm alright as I gasp for air. I know I shouldn't but I can't help but find it funny listening to their concern (I think they are expecting me to "peg out" right in front of them). I know, I should appreciate their concern but I can't help but imagine their faces as I sink into a heap in front of them ... spoiling their afternoon walk.

It sounds really mean - but I'm not, it's just that damn sense of humour again!

You sound a bit like 'our Tony' on the Malverns. Determined !

Haha! I am Tony ... just a  very backward one hence the y_not rather than ton_y 😀

Of course ! Slaps side of head to get brain working . What is it with guys called Tony ? Superhero powers ??  :)

When this happens to me, I appreciate their concern and feel grateful that people care.  However the sense of humour takes over and I usually manage to gasp out "This is normal for me, and you don't need to worry unless I turn blue and fall over"

Wish I could walk out in the countryside

lynnekay, I climbed mountains, aimed to arrive in the Lake District in time to meet the arrival of snow, mountain biked sections of the Pennine Way and, most recently, lead an "expedition" (well, wife, son, sister & brother-outlaw) up Jacob's Ladder in Derbyshire ... okay, I'll come clean - "most recently" = about 7 years back. I was questioned how I could smoke whilst walking as well as every time we stopped whilst they all gasped for breath and were non-smokers!

How that comes back to haunt me - and the mountains? Well, I manage half a mile (each way) in 1 - 1.5 hours and at the highest point sit and gaze at what I can no longer access - as painful as any illness (apologies to those with real illnesses, just a figure of speech).

I'm so glad I took photos to look back on!

Best wishes and remember what we did rather than what we can no longer do!

and remember what we still can do.  It's painful to dwell on what we've lost , but healthy and uplifting to remind ourselves of the skills we have, despite disability.  Best wishes to you too

Good for you on your walking, I know what you mean about people expecting you to peg out in front of them! Xx

Fantastic news can you say how long where you stuck indoors I'm 4 months in an with 5 admission with infection hoping to get out soon 

Ps. Hope you are soon home and feeling better. Xx

Hi Mjteayly, my last outing was in October 15 so 6mths, but I hope you don't have to wait that long. Mind you I will only go out now if it's not cold. We have got the best weather for us lungies to come! Xx

Hi Sheila,

Well done, that first time out with oxygen is the hardest and it sounds as though you coped very well. You also had the positive experience of being able to walk without the use of the wheel chair which will help hugely the next time you venture out.

Great positive post which is sure to help others in the same position,  the title say's it all :) . X

Thanks Dall, you are certainly a role model! Love your posts xx

I know what you mean about feeling silly when out with oxygen, or in a wheelchair. I've been through 3 stages - first, bought a small scooter which I can get into my car so can go to places independently, then a wheelchair so that my daughter can push me to the theatre or to eye appointments, and then thirdly,  the oxygen.  I was embarrassed with all these at first, but having got over the imagined stigma I still have a full life and can get everywhere I want to despite only being able to walk 15 mtrs before getting sob

Exactly the same order as me Lynne! and as you say we can still live a full life, albeit much slower! 15yds is about my max but I hope to improve a bit on that, if not well hey ho. Have yet to do our small town (well village really) with oxy, already done the scooter thing, so next week......xx

I've done the oxygen thing only recently but people in my village have been used to seeing me on my scooter, and now are asking me - kindly - if I'm ill (because of the O2).  The children are funny - they look at me as if to say "why has Lynne got tubes up her nose?" so I say "are you wondering why etc etc".  When I tell them, they provide a good lesson in non-discrimination/acceptance by saying, "Oh. OK " and carry on with their chat or games. 

Great reply Lynne, I will try that! Will keep you posted on outcome! Xx

Thanks hun.  I've had COPD for 10 years now and have learnt to think things through and work out what's bugging me about various issues, for example, being seen in public with the O2.  Mostly it's vanity, and fear of being stigmatised, and I decided that I want to enjoy my one and only life, and not stay indoors feeling sorry for myself.  So, b###er what people think! 

Spot on! Xx

So pleased for you Sheila.  Go for it hun and enjoy your freedom.

love cx

Thanks Cof, I am a very happy gal! Xx

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