Rehab done

Well I managed to do 2 kilometres one the treadmill in 35 minutes,so not too bad ,

I think I should say ,I've been going to the gym twice a week since 2009 after first doing the PR course, I've had to redo the PR  several times after illnesses,,,,,I was doing great before illness yet again last December ,lasting until a couple of weeks ago,

Up until then I was doing 3 Kim on the treadmill ,5 Kim on the bike ,and 1000 meters on the rower ,all in an hour which I was more than happy with ,,,,,hopefully I'll soon get back to that level of fitness before toooooo long ,

Thankyou everyone for your good luck messages ,

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Inspirational! Funnily enough I decided to start my exercise programme again today after a break for pneumonia At New Year and 3 major flare ups since as I would like to get back to where I was at end of November. Odd thing is I find walking, bike and treadmill make me incredibly short of breath but rowing machine and rehab exercises don't! Any advice?

Hi ,any exersise is better than nothing ,,,,,but as for the treadmill I was told distance is better than speed,,,,,so better to walk further at a slower pace ,than a short distance quicker,,,,and I always wear my trainers ,I can't walk far without them (but only in the gym ) as for the bike ,,,,sadly I've given up on that for a while ,,,,,,,I borrowed my sisters exersise bike a couple of weeks ago and it was sooooo uncomfortable,,,,,in fact I hurt bum muscles ,,,,so I'm avoiding that till my bums better haha, Our local church and also the gym run an over 60's sit down exersise class ,I've tried that and found that VERY good ,,,,I'm sure there should be one near you somewhere,,,,,if not go on you tube the exersise said are on there, good luck ,,,,,oh ,,,,ask if there's a space  for you in your rehab group,I've done the course a number of times ,if I've been ill for a long time ,if not for the full class maybe a couple of weeks ,,,the nurses that run our groups are great and always make a space for me if I need a top up ,good luck ,hope this helps,

Thank you so much, I did part of Rehab Course last year but kept getting sick! I do try and use the exercises they gave us as basis for my 'programme' but will work on longer rather than faster.

Good for you ,I used to hate the step ups ,and the sit to stand I found them really difficult,,,,so I refuse to do them at home haha,I do some of sit down over 60's exersises at home ,,,,,if I'm in the mood ,,,,,,,I tend to hibernate in the winter due to either being ill ,,,,,or scared of getting ill ,,,,so now that Spring is here ??? I will try and do a little more each time ,,,,best wishes ,

My two pet hates but perhaps step ups most of all. I always tried to get to the step after someone short but nurses always seemed to notice and come and raise it!

There was a man in a fe w different w groups with me ,we became friends and his wife used to sit and have coffee with my hubby ,,,while we did the exersises,,,,,he used to say to me,,," keep her talking Georgie while I have a rest " haha he just hated doing the steps ,,,,,and would get me to distract the nurse so he could rest haha sadly he passed away early last year ,,,,he was a gentle giant of a man ,,,,and a really nice gentleman ,,,I wish he was still with us , he made us smile every day ,,,,

Hope you stay well, thanks again.


You to,,

Hi nanny

Get yourself a good pair of cycling shorts, they have padding for you bum !!

They are tight fitting, so can be worn underneath tracky bottoms.


Hahaha ,,,,,I only got as far get yourself some cycle shorts ,,,,before breaking out in laughter ,,,,,trust me my back side is well padded enough without adding any bulk to it ,,,,haha ,,,

For now I'm avoiding the bike like the plague,haha,

Congratulations.  I bet you feel really good now you are getting back to your normal range. Each milestone is a personal achievement so good for you and keep going :-)

Thankyou ,note to self yesterday ,,,,,,,,,Buck your ideas up and give it a try ,,,,,,success, Is an apt poem from someone called Ann M.

Worth a read

Well done nanny

You fitness levels will soon improve, you are enjoying the challenge which helps enormously.

I don't know why but l have a vision of you being decked out in a fluorescent pink leotard and leggings, bandana on you head...large over ears headphones, pedaling furiously on your exercise bike to the beat of some heavy rock music.😂😂😂

I am jealous, l went for my PR assessment before Christmas, l spent an hour with the Physiotherapist answering question, only to be told they wouldn't let me do it until my heart investigations are done, and they have the results.

So at the moment my designer gym gear and headphones are gathering dust😂😂

Velvet xx

Oh ,,,,what a vivid imagination you have Velvet,,,,haha,,,,my body would NOT look good in any Lycra haha ,,  showing all my lumps and bumps etc etc ,,,as for the headphones,,,your almost right ,,,but mine are the sad in ear ones ,and I'm listening to songs from the 50/60's ,,,,,a bit of sentimental music along with some rock and roll and odd up to date song like Olly Murs that Lois has put on my iPod ,bless her , haha I'm sure I break out into song sometimes when on the treadmill ,,, as I get a few funny looks sometimes haha,

I do hope your heart results turn out good for you ,but it is best that you do the exersises with all the knowledge of your health before starting exersise,sending positive thoughts to you ,,,,,,and I hope it won't be  long before your bopping away to the music on your treadmill in FULLL Lycra head band leg warmers etc etc ,best wishes ,xx🚵🏼🎽🏆💝 

Hee hee Nanny

My brain just thinks funny things , l have a job being serious 😂

Now Nanny, you must get some big headphones, and get with the beat, they are all the rage now.😂😂😂


Haha tell me about it ,i bought some for Lois for her birthday ,£139 ,,,,,I had her old ones ,,,,like I had her old  iPad and now her old mini iPad to , and old  iphone ,,,,,at least I get a free upgrade every year haha,I'll probably end up with the headphones in a couple of years when a new thing comes out ,,,,I'll borrow Lois's headphones one day and think of you ,xx

Hi Nanny

Lois has very trendy cast offs...lucky you 😂


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