I need a little help

Can someone please explain to me what's going on, it true what you say about doctors they don't like to answer our questions, I have a constant cough that's sounds like 12 basit hounds together trying to sing,I'm constantly wheezing sats stay quiet low, damage to the lungs are from the bottom going up into the middle part of the lungs, I also have heart problems now, I'm also fed up with the blood spots, my arms are covered with them that's because of the steroids, please don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, just looking for some kind of answer would be nice, something that I can understand and not feel stupid as its me with this Disease not them, if anyone can help I would appreciate it so much, and I do wish you all well and thank goodness we have this site to come onto and express our self and there is so many people who want to help, I hope I haven't upset or annoyed anyone, thank you for any help you give.

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  • Hi some people have a cough that is part of there make up I have a constant cought one of my GP's said I have known you for 19 years and you have always had a cough. I told another GP this and she said it must be part of your make up. If you have heart problems that can effect your breathing too my husband had heart failiue and his breathing was worse than mine at times. I didnt know you got blood spots from taking steroids I have a lot too I will have to look in to that hope this helps x

  • Hi

    I get most of my information from the respitory team at the hospital

    They got me oxygen, plus pulmonary rehab course.

    Recently there have arrange a change of inhaler, plus follow up appointment , with one more in June.

    They also helped with medication for anxiety.

  • Not an expert love but it wouldn't matter if you were complaining, we're allowed (from time to time) and you certainly wouldn't upset anyone by asking questions. You'll have great answers from the others. Take care of yourself . :) xxx

  • You haven't upset any one I no it can be frustrating some time I been in hospital last week again 3time since Christmas I have been taking antibiotics and steroids for about 5 months and I'm still not better so I no how you feel I have only just got answers about what stag copd I have it took me a long time for them to give me a proper answer so I now it's upsetting but we have to just get on with it good luck and God bless you

  • No one is going to be upset with you. Sometimes we laugh and sometimes it all feels too much & we moan our frustrations. People understand , we have all got lung issues; sometimes some of us have worse periods & at others better. Love Margaret x

  • I always ask my community matron if I need to know anything

  • Lyn45, GP's have a habit of getting wrapped up in their own little worlds (not all; some are really great) and some don't want to join us in our world.

    This is where an appointment with the Practice Manager can help, generally not medical people they have a better understanding of people (rather than the mechanics behind what makes people work ....or not). Call for an appointment, say you want to discuss non-medical issues surrounding your condition and the way in which it's being treated and that it's confidential.

    Face-to-face explain how you feel about not getting the information you want, ask about referral to pulmonary rehabilitation, tell them you want to see a specialist in your condition and explain that the disease (even without the lack of information) creates anxiety.

    He/she should take up your issues and you should (I'd be very surprised if not) get action within a couple of days.

    BFL & the lovely people on this site can help and give general advice but we all need some specific advice.

    Good luck and best wishes

  • Hi, I can only suggest that you get in touch with the BLF help line, they have experts who can offer advice/guidance on a way forward for you.

    Phone 03000 030555 UK office hours or email them.

    Good luck x

  • Hi Lyn,

    Just a newbie here so I bow to the collective expertise of everyone else but I know that a work colleague had a persistant cough, asthma related and she used Neals Yard  Throat spray. It organic and it coats the back of the throat to lessen the effects of irritants such as pollen, pollutants, dry atmosphere and nasal drip at the back of the throat. It's costly but worth a try. Anything to give a respite from the irritation of a persistant cough.

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