thank you

this is my 2nd post...just to say that you one and all who repled to my the way the one i cant spell is emps..(thanks).....i will post a pic of me when i get a good one...always like to look good (lol).

looking forward to getting to know you you ever meet up for a coffee or any thing like that????

funny thing my feet are swelling? whats that about????...........c u soon....all my love......


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Be nice if we could all meet for coffee ha! Takes some organising tho wouldn't it? X

well at this moment in time am going through a flareup and am on lots of meds.........but be well again soon..... cannot get about....walking hurts so much.........but would love to meet up for coffee........depends on your location and in skelmersdale ....

Hope you feel better soon xx

Hope you feel better soon Freddy, you should let the doctor know about your swelled up feet, might be the meds or could be something else, take it easy for now, have a good weekend , huff xxx

Hi freddy, I think we're all a bit far flung to meet up for coffee unfortunately.

You may be lucky to find someone on the forum who lives near you.

We're from all over the world really! We have members from USA, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Cyprus, Spain to name a few.

You should maybe book an appointment with your GP if you find your feet are swollen. You could be given meds to help

Take care & come back for a chat anytime 💐

thanks..... am very new to all this.....internet is a marvel......feet have gone down a bit thanks....feel better today....but still on meds for the next few days.........

Hope your feeling better soon freddy! You could try to see who lives near you or have you tried to find a breatheasy group near you? I went to my first one other week and they are marvellous meeting people in same boat as me all different ages and stages interesting discussions they organise days out weekends away evenings out, I have only been to one they meet once a month you could see if there is one nearby and give it a try honestly I was amazed that so many people who lived near me suffer same illnesses. It was a lovely day laughed a lot and I felt so pleased I had plucked up courage x

thanks.... will look into that.....all the best

Oh good and if there is one near you and you do go please let me know how you get on take care x

Hope you are well soon!

Hi (again) Freddy.

emphysema - thought id try and impress you but the reality is that Google was brilliant at working it out once I typed "emp" ☺

Ah, "Skem" nice place, not been for a while but did visit Deeside & Spoke recently (still a hundred miles away so I think my coffee might get cold before I arrive.

Swollen legs - are we the same person or what??? Saw he doc and he said its related (after ruling out other stuff) and prescribed "flight socks" which I use as and when needed. Check first though just to rule out the few nastiest that can lurk around the corner. Oh, finally, putting on flight socks whilst having COPD is a real bundle of laughs - when living takes every ounce of breath you appreciate how tight flight socks are!!!

Get well soon and keep mastering that 'puter.

heheee Freddy...think spelling is least of all our worries....most people understand the word u mean even if not spelt correctly.You won't find many nasty picky people on here...all are pretty understanding and here to help,not concerned with spelling.

that makes me feel better......thanks

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