degenerative diseases or serious mental health conditions

Employment and support allowance (ESA) cuts for new claimants are to go ahead after the government finally won its battle with the House of Lords yesterday.

The Tories want to reduce ESA payments for claimants in the work-related activity (WRAG) group by £30 a week, bringing them down to the same level as JSA. They believe this will encourage WRAG claimants, such as those with degenerative diseases or serious mental health conditions, to go out and find work.

Twice the House of Lords voted down the changes, but yesterday the government finally got its way after declaring that the measures were covered by financial privilege rules.

there will be riots in this country soon, with what duncan smith is getting away with,

degenerative diseases or serious mental health conditions, i mean cmon

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  • They just don't care Muttley. They should, but they don't. Xxx 😳

  • Grrrrr 😡😡😡

    Too angry for words...

  • its just unbelievable how low they can get , but I feel will be lots more to come yet

  • Beyond belief....where is compassion and empathy.

    I wonder how far they can push before there is trouble....but the sick don't have the clout that groups such as the junior doctors have.

    I found a chilling quotation in the ' I ' newspaper concerning the increased pension age.

    ' the state pension age must rise. and it will go on rising until we come up with a better way of re-balancing the population' from tax policy director Adrian Boulding.

    'I' newspaper 5.03.16

  • I have been thinking how politicians could be made to appreciate what it is like to live on a low income.

    Some churches hold regular ' frugal lunches' of bread and cheese...I remember going to them when I was young. It teaches humility .

    Maybe an idea for once a week in the Houses of Commons instead of a subsidised lunch

  • Not with the price of bread and cheese nowadays...

    If I had my way I would take all the politicians money away and stick them in Urine Towers and make them all claim JSA ;) or WRAG x

  • Very about Malcoms friend hollow bread and water instead. There would be a few rumbling tums

  • Well if they kill us all off they would save a fortune on pensions and the sick wouldn't they? There will be more left for those who really need it such as the politicians, bankers and the millionaires! x

  • Can hardly believe that this is the same country that I grew up in. Won't say what I think of the current bunch of politicians - wouldn't want to shock you.

  • Hi magpuss, I sometimes feel as if politics has gone back a hundred if Lloyd George, Bevan and Beveridge never existed.

    Or even a thousand years to the Normans !

    What happened to the concept of the ' Common Good'

  • I think - love of the root of all evil, has outweighed it.

  • I think it is a utter disgrace they want to try living like us none of us asked to be ill, I would dearly love to be able to walk further and have more fun with my grandchildren rather than constantly having chest.infections bet they wouldn't trade places with me

  • A popular quote ' The measure of a civilisation is how it treats its weakest members'

  • it beggars belief doesn't it what these b*****ds in government will do how low they will stoop grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr xxxx

  • They should just take us all to the vets and have us all put down so they don't have to give us anything..they don't seem to understand that we don't want to be ill we would be a lot happier if we could go out to work..what sad times we are living in ; (

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