Advice needed please

Hello all I need some advice my partner has cold plus asthma he finished a rescue pack 10 days ago but now has got even worse his oxygen level has dropped to 85 and pulse is 128 he is exhausted with coughing a lot and hurting all over I didn't know if he needed hospital or another rescue pack I nearly lost him last year with second degree lung failure advice much appreciated

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  • Get on the phone tell them exactly what's up and take it from there, wishing you both well. X

  • I would get him to a hospital Asap as his sats are very low

  • Please call 999 now! He needs to be seen in A&E. Sats very low and he needs additional care.

    Please let us know how he is doing.

  • Agree with what's already been said. A cold doesn't last that long, and with his symptoms and what happened last year, you probably both know he needs some help.Let us know how he gets on. x

  • I agree with the others go to hospital ASAP. xxx

    Kim xxx

  • Yes, urgent medical care needed NOW!

    Good luck and hope you get help very soon Shortytree. X

  • Sorry it's meant to say copd not cold and thanks for advice will keep you posted

  • All the more reason. A&E.

    Tee x

  • Hi I agree totally with the others, he needs an ambulance now. His oxygen level has dropped far too much for comfort and his pulse is way too high. x

  • Just been on phone to drs explained everything to them because my partner doesn't want to go to hospital he wants to try to fight it which I'm not happy with anyway receptionist said give him paracetamol and plenty of fluids monitor his stats and if no better by half past 8 tomorrow morning they will get him in to see a Dr they didn't offer rescue pack and don't seem concerned I'm not happy

  • I didn't know receptionist could give medical advice. ..

    Just take him to A and E. ..

  • He needs to be assessed by a trained medical practioner, I would ring the surgery back and say that you are not satisfied and if you can't be seen then say you are going to ring for a paramedic to assess your partner.

    Or just take him to A and E.....please don't wait til 8.30 tomorrow

  • Hi shortytree

    don't even think of taking the receptionist's idiotic advice...Call 999 !

    Velvet xx

  • Ey up velvet.....I guess it's the receptionist that's the idiot....

  • Hello knitter

    Duly edited 😂😂

    Sorry about that 😂😂 l didn't mean you.

    Please have some flowers as an apology 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

    Velvet xx

  • Hi velvet....your first reply made me's just that the idiot comment came straight after mine!

    Thanks for the flowers anyway.

    I hope shortytrees partners is ok.

  • Hi knitter

    So do l, it annoys me that a receptionist can give out that sort of advice....a patients life could be at needs reporting to the practice manager.


  • 100% agree with the other, receptionist shouldn't be giving advice they are not medically trained. I'm sorry ignore your partner phone for an ambulance now, sometimes you just need an intravenous AB and Steroid to kick start things.

    Kim xxx

  • That is disgusting get back and ask to speak to GP if he has no medication how can he get better it is dangerous for sats to be so low please do something about it

  • Nobody wants to go to hospital but in this instance an ambulance is required. Do not hesitate please and no waiting any longer. X

  • Sorry, but it sounds like pneumonia to me.

  • You could try ringing 111 for advice from NHS. I've had cause to use them, once for my elderly mother and once for myself, and found them very, very helpful, reassuring and sensible. They suggested calling 999 for my mother, but were just reassuring for my problem which was the right action at the time.

  • A little late for advice this time but oxygen reading of 89 should obtain medical advice. 111 are helpful and information provided I'm sure have more medical knowledge than the GP's receptionist.

    Hope your partner is feeling better soon.

    Kind regards SJ.

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